2A353N Practice Test

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  • 1 . The F–16’s emergency power unit provides a self-contained backup source of
    aircraft electrical and hydraulic power
  • 2 . How many controlling servo valves are contained in each F–117 integrated servo actuator?
  • 3 . The F–16’s hydraulic linear actuator receives hydraulic pressure from
    hydraulic system B only
  • 4 . The bolt used where heavy tension or lengthwise stress must be sustained is a(n)
  • 5 . To tighten cannon plugs, do not use
    channel lock pliers
  • 6 . The F–22 system that dehumidifies the pre-cooled air utilizing a boot strapped compressor, turbine, and water collector is the
    refrigeration system
  • 7 . The main landing gear strut on the U–2 is constructed of
  • 8 . The unit capable of providing AC and DC electrical power, in addition to pneumatic power, for ground maintenance is the
  • 9 . The U–2 exhaust system consists of the tail pipe and
    fan flow adapter diverter
  • 10 . The F–117’s emergency power unit can be manually operated from the control switches in the
    left main landing gear (MLG)wheel well