2A353N Practice Test

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  • 1 . What prevents fluid loss when the filter bowl and element are removed from the F–16’s hydraulic system A pressure manifold?
    Internal shutoff valve
  • 2 . Which F–16 fuel system valve provides a redundant means of allowing air into the vent tank, thus guarding against instances of negative pressure within the fuel tanks?
    Negative pressure relief
  • 3 . When is it permissible to reuse cotter pins?
  • 4 . On the F–15 aircraft, the component in the external power system that protects against overvoltage is the external power
  • 5 . During normal landing gear extension on the U–2, the main landing gear actuator pressure buildup is delayed until the uplock actuator has unlocked the gear by a(n)
    orifice valve
  • 6 . How many mechanical rotary actuators are located on each F–16 wing leading edge?
  • 7 . The purpose of valve lead and valve lag in the valve mechanism used on the RQ–1’s reciprocating engine is to
    increase the volumetric efficiency and lower the temperature of the cylinder
  • 8 . It is critically important on the U–2 that you check the turbine bypass switch to prevent
    valve wear
  • 9 . Under normal conditions, the RQ–1’s gear-retract servos stop driving the landing gear
    after a stop-detect signal is received or after driving for the maximum expected swing time
  • 10 . On the F–117 aircraft, what are mounted on the F404–GE–F1D2’s fan stator at the 5 and 8 o’clock positions?
    Two fan speed (N1) transmitters