2A353N Practice Test

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  • 1 . On the F–15 aircraft, what happens in the speed brake selector valve when the speed brake switch is set to HOLD?
    Both extend and retract hydraulic ports block off fluid flow
  • 2 . On the F–22, the weapons bay door drive slows doors prior to reaching travel limits to prevent
    damage to doors or airframe
  • 3 . The low- and high-pressure capabilities, in psig, of the NSU–L75 nitrogen servicing unit are
    05 – 350; 350 – 3,600
  • 4 . Under ideal conditions, an aircraft is said to be operationally ready when
    the required inspection and servicing are complete
  • 5 . On the F–15 aircraft, what is the useable pressure range for the LOX system?
    55 – 90 psi
  • 6 . The BPO is performed to
    determine if the aircraft is suitable for another flight
  • 7 . The U–2’s sump tank manifolds are checked for moisture during which inspection?
    Basic post flight
  • 8 . On the F–16, what is the position of the F110–GE–100’s anti-ice valve when electrical power is removed?
  • 9 . The U–2 DC generator is cooled by
    ram air through the left engine air inlet
  • 10 . What F–16 arresting hook component provides a means of locking and releasing the arresting hook?
    Arresting hook uplock roller