2A353N Practice Test

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  • 1 . On the F–22, what performs the BIT on the hydraulic components?
  • 2 . On the F–15 aircraft, how long does utility system non-reservoir level-sensing maintain pressure if the aircraft develops a leak in the utility hydraulic system?
    As long as there is hydraulic fluid left in the utility reservoir
  • 3 . How many separate fluid chambers are in the F–16’s hydraulic system A reservoir?
  • 4 . The F–22 cockpit distribution and defog system provides air for the canopy seal, cockpit pressurization, canopy defog, and the
    pilots thermal cooling garment
  • 5 . The delivery rating of one of the F–16 accessory drive gearbox-mounted hydraulic pumps is
    42.5 GPM at 3,100 psi
  • 6 . On the F–100 engine, what reduces the fuel flow during engine start?
    Fuel derichment valve
  • 7 . The symbol entered on the forms if an aircraft exceeds the PDM cycle by 90 days and an extension is not granted is a
    red X
  • 8 . The correct way to detect broken wires on a cable is to
    pass a cloth along the length of cable
  • 9 . On the ignition test set, what monitors the output of energy?
    Stored energy meter
  • 10 . The interface between the electrical power system generators and the electrical power subsystem on the F–22 is the
    generator distribution center