Z2G051 Vol 2 EC 09 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is Z2G051-02-1608

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  • 1 . 89. (234) This work center provides overall direction and coordination of reception and bed down procedures.
    Reception control center (RCC)
  • 2 . 31. (209) Which function does the Installation Deployment Readiness Cell (IDRC) serve in with the responsibility of gathering and presenting decision-quality information to wing/installation leadership?
    Focal point for all deployment and execution operations
  • 3 . 99. (236) Which unit is responsible for redeploying all the units at deployed sites with multiple units?
  • 4 . 58. (218) What type of information source is required for planners to view an asset’s status in the Global Transportation Network (GTN) as it goes from origin to destination?
    Movement data
  • 5 . 46. (213) Unit type codes (UTC) should be developed so that the entire UTC can be
    tasked from a single organization.
  • 6 . Specific unit type codes (UTC) that are normally eligible to deploy, given a certain set of deployment conditions, and assuming full readiness, are considered
    available to deploy
  • 7 . 67. (224) Which function receives deploying personnel after they have finished processing through the Personnel Deployment Function (PDF)?
    Passenger Terminal Function
  • 8 . 30. (208) Which commander is responsible for ensuring the installation is capable of supporting deployment operations, and has the responsibility of designating an installation deployment officer (IDO) and alternates?
  • 9 . 36. (209) The basis for the minimum amount of equipment and supplies a unit requires to support its maximum simultaneous deployment responsibility is the
    total number of AW- and DW-coded UTCs, in UTC Availability, for their wing/installation.
  • 10 . 49. (214) Which type of report must be ran prior to reporting logistics details (LOGDET) to the major command (MAJCOM)?
    Database Verification (DB Verify) Report