Y2T35X Practice Test

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  • 1 . (401) The main difference between a floor-mounted foot valve and a suspended-type foot valve is the
    way they are mounted
  • 2 . (623) Which part of the torch flame should be applied to the work in the silver brazing process?
    Outer envelope
  • 3 . (607) After you inspect and analyze the body damage, your next step in body and fender repair is to perform metal
  • 4 . (211) As power is applied to the electromagnets in the brake cluster of electric brakes, what component applies the brake shoes to the drum?
    The lever arm of the brake-actuating cam
  • 5 . (001) A hydraulic clutch release mechanism has the following basic parts except a
  • 6 . (625) After a part change, how many minutes are required to purge plasma gas from the lines and ensure any moisture is blown out of the torch?
    2 to 3
  • 7 . (203) In a modified MacPherson strut front suspension system, the coil spring is mounted
    on top of the lower control arm
  • 8 . 210) For maximum stopping power with anti-lock brakes, you want the tires to
    almost, but not quite, skid
  • 9 . (202) What type of balance will a bubble balancer provide to a wheel and tire assembly?
  • 10 . (635) When cutting high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) components from a damaged vehicle, which tool may be used when it becomes absolutely necessary?
    Oxyacetylene torch