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  • 1 . 33. (209) Installed bolts that are too short to the point where the bolt head and the washers recess into the wood, will result in
    a reduced load carrying capacity.
  • 2 . 31. (006) You should begin the edging operation
    as the sheen of water begins to leave the surface.
  • 3 . 39. (008) When hand-mixing mortar, what method allows the blending process to take place easier and quicker?
    Add half the sand, followed by all of the cement and lime, and then the remaining amount of sand.
  • 4 . 75. (016) When using a hammer and cold chisel to break the old tile out for replacement, always start from the
    center of the tile and work out.
  • 5 . 64. (014) When selecting ceramic tiles for interior use, which of the following tiles are suitable?
    Nonvitreous and semivitreous.
  • 6 . 33. (407) How many square feet are in one bundle of shingles?
    33 1/3.
  • 7 . 10. (202) Where maximum shear strength is required, most experts still recommend which type panel?
  • 8 . 39. (210) Where do you start to level an exterior doorframe?
    At the sill.
  • 9 . 52. (215) How can you eliminate the bulging on a two-hinge door?
    Place another hinge midway between the first two.
  • 10 . 22. (004) Estimate the amount of course aggregate needed to mix one cubic yard of concrete when specifications call for a 1:2:3 mix using 3-inch course aggregates.
    21 cubic feet.