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  • 1 . 33. (407) How many square feet are in one bundle of shingles?
    33 1/3.
  • 2 . On what roof types do you usually use coal-tar pitch and asphalt bitumens?
    Coal-tar is used on dead level roofs; asphalt is used on roofs with more slope.
  • 3 . 90. (418) If a fastener has popped, how far away do you place another?
    1½ inches.
  • 4 . 13. (204) The preferred construction method to make stairway turns is to use
    landings, because they are safer.
  • 5 . 15. (204) The recommended sum of one riser and one tread is
    17 to 18 inches.
  • 6 . 63. (013) To repair a structural crack in plaster, you cut out and remove the loose material to form what shape in the crack?
    V-shape only.
  • 7 . 38. (408) When replacing a tile, what amount of adhesive do you apply to surrounding tiles?
    3/8-inch bead and 1– square inch.
  • 8 . 61. (013) What ingredient does the first number in the plaster mix ratio represent?
    Cementitious material.
  • 9 . 70. (415) Which type of fence is designed to mark territories, and perimeters?
  • 10 . When constructing a footing for a bearing wall, how are the sides held in place with the correct distance maintained between them?
    With stakes and spreaders.