3DX7X - 7 Lvl All 3Ds Practice Test

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  • 1 . (016) How many bits are in an Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address?
  • 2 . (001) Which of the following is not a mandatory requirement for the advancement to the 7-skill level?
    Completion of Air Education and Training Command (AETC) Supplemental training courses
  • 3 . (201) Which deployment planning process develops predetermined responses to potential crises, determines forces required to achieve objectives, prepares deployment plans, and continually evaluates selected courses of action (COA)?
    Deliberate planning
  • 4 . (005) Which of the following is included in the Master Training Plan only if applicable to the work center?
    Job Qualification Standard
  • 5 . (023) What is the most common wireless networking standard?
  • 6 . (013) Network switches and bridges operate at what Open System Interconnect (OSI) layer?
    Data Link
  • 7 . (214) What title is given to anyone assigned to assist the program manager in fulfilling program management duties?
    Program action officer
  • 8 . (025) Which Electronic Warfare capability uses jamming to reduce the adversary‚Äôs use of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS)?
    Electronic attack
  • 9 . (209) What does the project manager provide in the Initiate Phase?
    Answers, guidance, and education
  • 10 . (018) Which 802.11 standard has a throughput of 11 Mbps and runs at the 2.4 GHz frequency?