3DX7X - 7 Lvl All 3Ds Practice Test

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  • 1 . (015) What are the two classifications of transport protocols?
    Connection Oriented and Connectionless Oriented
  • 2 . (219) In which type of plan do writers fully develop the mission, situation, and concept of operations for accomplishing assigned mission in the event of future situation, but only summarize the mobility and logistic requirements?
    Concept Plan
  • 3 . (020) Over a single pair cable, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is capable of transmission rates of
    144 Kbps
  • 4 . (006) Supervisors document and maintain completed safety training on
    AF Form 55
  • 5 . (208) Which Engineering Installation (EI) unit has the only flight assigned that supports a 72 hour rapid response force during crisis providing specialized engineering support in telecommunications and electromagnetic spectrum field analysis?
    85 Engineering Installation Squadron (EIS)
  • 6 . (007) Recommended technical order (TO) changes are required to be submitted on
    AFTO Form 22
  • 7 . (212) Exceptions that could prevent a system from meeting specified operational requirements are termed
  • 8 . (010) Which of the following is the highest level in which quarterly awards are normally presented?
  • 9 . (012) A workgroup is a simple grouping of how many computers?
    No more than 20
  • 10 . (009) What is the maximum amount for minor construction projects that Operation and Maintenance (O&M) funds will cover under normal conditions?