3DX7X - 7 Lvl All 3Ds Practice Test

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  • 1 . (204) Which document provides detailed information and instructions on Designated Operational Capability (DOC) statements?
    AFI 10–201
  • 2 . (008) Procedures and circumstances for Congress to order units into active Federal duty are established in United States Code (USC) Title
  • 3 . (013) Routers operate at what Open System Interconnect (OSI) layer?
  • 4 . (006) Supervisors document and maintain completed safety training on
    AF Form 55
  • 5 . (028) The technical solution for a communications and information system requirement summarizes
    full cost and recommended course of action
  • 6 . (028) Who provides the formal declaration that an information system is approved to operate in a particular security mode using a prescribed set of safeguards and acceptable risk?
    Authorizing Official (AO)
  • 7 . (225) What must base Civil Engineering (CE) prepare and forward to MAJCOM for review and approval if major or minor construction is required?
    DD Form 1391
  • 8 . (201) Which deployment planning process develops predetermined responses to potential crises, determines forces required to achieve objectives, prepares deployment plans, and continually evaluates selected courses of action (COA)?
    Deliberate planning
  • 9 . (022) What type of encryption is applied to each end of a communications line in a distributed network, and ensures all information flowing is unintelligible to an unauthorized intruder?
    Link encryption
  • 10 . (209) The five phases of Project Management are initiate,
    plan, execute, close, and control