2S071 Vol 1 EC 08 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC08

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  • 1 . 11. (004) Which best describes supply class VII items?
    Major end items
  • 2 . 44. (012) Where are all supply discrepancy report (SDR) suspense copies kept?
    Customer support
  • 3 . Which unit type code (UTC) provides supply expertise during initial beddown at a main operating base (MOB), forward operating site (FOS), or cooperative security location (CSL)?
  • 4 . 43. (012) Which type of problem requires a supply discrepancy report?
    Duplicate shipment
  • 5 . . (006) What is the tool called that gives the ability to track the identity, status, and location of Department of Defense units, and non-unit cargo (excluding bulk petroleum, oil, and lubricants [POL]), and passengers; medical patients; and personal property from origin to consignee or destination across the range of military operations?
    In-transit visibility (ITV)
  • 6 . 40. (010) In addition to management reports, what other sources of information can help in identifying problems when gathering data after other indicators have been selected?
    Training reports
  • 7 . 26. (008) A category III difficulty report (DIREP) does not stop processing and is corrected
    in the next scheduled release
  • 8 . 20. (006) Which system provides hazardous material managers oversight of orders placed in the materiel management system to ensure only minimum amounts of material required are ordered and that material ordered is used only for its authorized purpose?
    Enterprise Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Management Information
  • 9 . 37. (010) Which type of item(s) does quality assurance determine it requires to perform an analysis during its review of all trend factors on specific subjects?
    Statistics and source documents
  • 10 . 50. (014) After how many days will the Supply Interface System (SIFS) residue images be deleted?