2S071 Vol 1 EC 08 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC08

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  • 1 . 23. (007) Who may force-delete rejects using the reject processor program?
    Reject monitors
  • 2 . 34. (010) Which quality assurance function is one of the most important evaluating activities available to the accountable officer?
  • 3 . 28. (009) Where do you start your research before conducting a surveillance visit of a function?
    Directives that apply to the function
  • 4 . 29. (009) How often are surveillance visits to all materiel management functions scheduled, except fuels?
  • 5 . 40. (010) In addition to management reports, what other sources of information can help in identifying problems when gathering data after other indicators have been selected?
    Training reports
  • 6 . 30. (009) Which is a basic ground rule for conducting a surveillance visit to a function?
    Check in and out with the flight chief
  • 7 . 25. (008) This difficulty report (DIREP) category code is assigned when a problem stops the computer from processing input, but does not cause looping nor does it destroy accountable records.
  • 8 . 26. (008) A category III difficulty report (DIREP) does not stop processing and is corrected
    in the next scheduled release
  • 9 . 22. (007) Which supply management listing reflects all accountable rejects and the number of times reprocessing was attempted for each reject?
  • 10 . 45. (012) How many days after the initial submission of the supply discrepancy report (SDR) will the discrepancy details appear on the SDR listing?
    55 to 109