2T251 Volume 2 EC04 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 04

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  • 1 . 65. (215) Which class requires a placard for 1,001 pounds or more aggregate gross weight of material?
  • 2 . 73. (218) What is the maximum number of human remains (HR) transfer cases that can be safely transported on one 463L pallet if absolutely necessary?
  • 3 . 85. (224) You are loading a trailer on a C–5 that is very long, very tall, and has extremely low ground clearances. In order to reduce the ramp angle this vehicle must travel during onload, which type of shoring would you use?
    Approach shoring.
  • 4 . You can use the sponsoring service code followed by five zeros for a Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC) when
    the consignor or consignee does not have an assigned DODAAC.
  • 5 . When is a shipment, other than TP–4 cargo, considered cleared by the Airlift Clearance Authority (ACA)?
    When the ACA has not challenged the shipment by the hour/day entered in the Advance Transportation Control and Movement Document (ATCMD) date shipped field.
  • 6 . 60. (214) In the hazardous materials compatibility tables, the letter “X” means these articles
    must not be loaded, transported, or stored together.
  • 7 . 68. (216) During explosives operations, to reduce electrostatic discharge, aircraft is
  • 8 . 72. (217) What is Defense Courier Service (DCS) material?
    Highly classified national security shipments that require courier escort.
  • 9 . 34. (206) You must obtain a signature from everyone who picks up terminating cargo, except
    Traffic Management Office (TMO) personnel, when under operational control of AMC and located in the same facility.
  • 10 . 41. (207) You are building a multi-pallet train using one-inch couplers. Which aircraft can this train be loaded on, assuming it is properly configured?