2T251 Volume 2 EC04 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 04

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  • 1 . 70. (217) If a shipment is hazardous and requires security, which form(s) must shippers complete?
    DD Form 1387–2 and AMC Form 1033.
  • 2 . 43. (208) You are building a pallet destined for Aviano AB, Italy (AVB), and only have space for one more piece of cargo on the pallet. All of the available pieces have the same destination and transportation priority. Which two other factors will you use to consider which piece to build?
    Movement indicator and SET.
  • 3 . 47. (209) What must be considered when building a multi-pallet train?
    Materials handling equipment (MHE) required to handle the pallet train.
  • 4 . 73. (218) What is the maximum number of human remains (HR) transfer cases that can be safely transported on one 463L pallet if absolutely necessary?
  • 5 . 42. (207) You are issuing three CGU–1/B straps to an Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) C–130. Which form would you use to maintain accountability for the items issued to this aircraft?
    AF Form 1297, Temporary Issue Receipt.
  • 6 . 82. (223) You are a load team chief about to offload a C–17 with a mixed load consisting of pallets and rolling stock. Before beginning offload operations, you must consider the type of cargo
    offloaded, number and type of equipment available, and number of qualified drivers.
  • 7 . 94. (230) How many 10,000-pound (lb) chains would you use to restrain a vehicle weighing 12,380 lbs for the forward direction when the vehicle is restrained to the floor of a C–17?
  • 8 . 54. (212) When you attach the radio frequency identification (RFID) tag to a pallet, ensure it is attached
    outside of any plastic or over wrapping.
  • 9 . 36. (207) You are loading an aircraft and must winch a heavy pallet into position. As a minimum, how many attaching points will you use to safely winch this pallet on the aircraft?
  • 10 . 100. (232) When can passengers enter or exit an aircraft during concurrent servicing operations?
    When a jet way or stairs are used and refueling operations are on the opposite side of the aircraft.