2T251 Volume 2 EC04 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 04

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  • 1 . The Advance Transportation Control and Movement Document (ATCMD) is not used to
    allow cargo processors to calculate critical leg Allowable Cabin Load (ACL) information.
  • 2 . 51. (211) When preparing the Air Mobility Command (AMC) Form 39, Pallet Invoice, for a pallet, which information belongs in the “Oldest SET” block?
    GMT hour/code of the oldest piece on the pallet.
  • 3 . 34. (206) You must obtain a signature from everyone who picks up terminating cargo, except
    Traffic Management Office (TMO) personnel, when under operational control of AMC and located in the same facility.
  • 4 . 56. (213) Which hazardous materials class consists of infectious and toxic materials?
  • 5 . 98. (232) If concurrent operations are already in progress, load team chiefs and other personnel must report to whom prior to entering the area?
    Concurrent servicing supervisor (CSS).
  • 6 . What two types of data are entered on the Transportation Control and Movement Document (TCMD)?
    Prime and trailer.
  • 7 . 41. (207) You are building a multi-pallet train using one-inch couplers. Which aircraft can this train be loaded on, assuming it is properly configured?
  • 8 . 29. (205) When aircraft arrive without cargo manifests and Air Terminal Operations Center (ATOC) personnel attempt to acquire them, you must
    prepare a substitute manifest and start processing anything that requires immediate action.
  • 9 . 20. (203) You must correct a discrepancy with a shipment received at your terminal
    when the discrepancy is minor and you can correct it on the spot.
  • 10 . 15. (203) When a shipment arrives at the air terminal, your first job is to ensure the
    shipment is supposed to come to your air terminal.