Z1P051 Volume 1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (004) The responsibility of a person to compensate for property lost, destroyed, or damaged because of their mismanagement or negligence while in their use, care, or custody is known as what type of liability?
  • 2 . (019) What search method is the preferred option for finding information using the conventional munitions restricted/suspended (CMRS) search screen?
    DOD identification code (DODIC)
  • 3 . (017) How many incomplete packages (lite boxes) are permitted for each lot and condition code per storage structure?
  • 4 . (017) Normally, what quantity of explosives should be present in an operating location when operations are being conducted?
    One day supply
  • 5 . (005) What form do you use to change an authorization on an allowance source code (ASC)?
    AF Form 601, equipment action request
  • 6 . (020) On what axis does the stitch-forming mechanism rotate on the Consew┬« 206RB sewing machine and what turns the hook?
    Horizontal, hook-driving shaft
  • 7 . (010) What type of funding is used for expenses that your unit has to pay for?
    Operation and maintenance (O&M)
  • 8 . (003) Which Expendability, reparability, recoverability category designator (ERRCD) indicates an expendable user repair expense item?
  • 9 . (015) Which aircraft form symbol is used for equipment that has gone overdue until the aircraft goes off alert status, returns to home station, or AFE mission requirements change?
    Red dash (-)
  • 10 . (006) During equipment inspection, which supply condition code (SCC) applies to material that is economically repairable and requires repair, overhaul or reconditioning?