Z1P051 Volume 1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (005) Usually, what type of item is listed in allowance documents?
  • 2 . (003) Which Expendability, reparability, recoverability category designator (ERRCD) indicates an expendable user repair expense item?
  • 3 . (002) Which element of supply would you contact if you wanted to obtain individual mobility equipment?
    Individual protective equipment (IPE)
  • 4 . (018) What joint use system does the Air Force rely upon for sustainment of cartridge actuated devices and propellant actuate devices (CAD/PAD)?
    Requirements Determination Module (RDM)
  • 5 . (018) All cartridge actuated devices and propellant actuate devices (CAD/PAD) have a defined
    service life
  • 6 . (001) Which source of supply allows items to be made according to the customer’s specifications?
    Local manufacture
  • 7 . (017) Normally, what quantity of explosives should be present in an operating location when operations are being conducted?
    One day supply
  • 8 . (011) Which screen displays the complete and real-time information for all technical orders?
    TO Detail
  • 9 . (015) The minimum signature for maintenance document purposes required by the 00–20-series technical orders consists of the first name initial, last name, and
    employee number
  • 10 . (013) When making a recommended change to a technical order, how must the change be identified?
    As an improvement or correction