Z1P051 Volume 1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (025) Approximately how many days, of continuous reading, is the expected life of the hygro-thermometer’s batteries?
  • 2 . (023) When a person signs for a tool or piece of equipment, they are accountable for the item until it is returned to the aircrew flight equipment (AFE) section and accountability transfers back to the
    composite tool kit (CTK) custodians
  • 3 . (011) Who is able to view the Air Force technical order (TO) catalog information about all active Air Force TOs and view electronic technical orders through the Enhanced Technical Information Management System (ETIMS)?
    Air Force Portal users with a common access card (CAC)
  • 4 . (017) Who is responsible for enforcing explosive limits at the operating location?
  • 5 . (018) All cartridge actuated devices and propellant actuate devices (CAD/PAD) have a defined
    service life
  • 6 . (015) The minimum signature for maintenance document purposes required by the 00–20-series technical orders consists of the first name initial, last name, and
    employee number
  • 7 . (010) What Air Force instruction (AFI) requires your shop to have a budget?
    AFI 11–301V1
  • 8 . (020) On what axis does the stitch-forming mechanism rotate on the Consew® 206RB sewing machine and what turns the hook?
    Horizontal, hook-driving shaft
  • 9 . (005) Usually, what type of item is listed in allowance documents?
  • 10 . (013) Within how many calendar days after your submittal of a routine report must the technical content manager (TCM) respond?