Z1P051 Volume 1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (006) You are performing a routine equipment inspection and find material requiring additional parts or components to complete the end item prior to issue, which supply condition code (SCC) do you assign?
  • 2 . (017) What principle of explosive safety is aimed to reduce the overall risk associated with an explosive operation?
  • 3 . (016) What information does the hazardous communication standard provide people regarding hazards they are exposed to in the workplace?
  • 4 . (003) What designator is used the expendability status, level of repair, cost category of an item?
    Expendability, reparability, recoverability category designator (ERRCD)
  • 5 . (015) For maintenance document purposes, the minimum signature consists of
    first name initial, last name and employee number
  • 6 . (024) If a specific common tool is needed, where will it be referenced in the technical order (TO)?
    In the given TO step
  • 7 . (004) The responsibility of a person to compensate for property lost, destroyed, or damaged because of their mismanagement or negligence while in their use, care, or custody is known as what type of liability?
  • 8 . (011) Who is able to view the Air Force technical order (TO) catalog information about all active Air Force TOs and view electronic technical orders through the Enhanced Technical Information Management System (ETIMS)?
    Air Force Portal users with a common access card (CAC)
  • 9 . (010) What Air Force instruction (AFI) requires your shop to have a budget?
    AFI 11–301V1
  • 10 . (013) Which publication provides detailed completion instructions for a recommended technical order (TO) change?
    TO 00–5–1