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  • 1 . 59. (215) What influences the materials selected for use in piping systems?
    Working temperatures of the system.
  • 2 . 91. (034) Which manuals provide instruction for designated field maintenance units in support of the using organization?
    Field Maintenance Instruction.
  • 3 . 85. (420) Which of these can be used to remove a person from a live electric circuit?
    All of the above.
  • 4 . 90. (224) What information is recorded on the preventive maintenance records regarding lubrication points on each unit of operating equipment?
    Lubrication points on each unit, type of greasing device at each point, type of lubricant recommended for each point, and frequency of lubricant.
  • 5 . Leaving tools scattered about is an indication of
    poor housekeeping.
  • 6 . 32. (016) Which Air Force Training Records screen allows your section to document training for one of a kind systems?
  • 7 . 78. (220) Oxyacetylene cutting can be performed without any special precautions on
    all low and medium carbon steels.
  • 8 . 68. (218) You can produce a neutral flame on the oxyacetylene welding outfit by mixing approximately
    one part of acetylene to one part oxygen.
  • 9 . 49. (022) For how many years must hazardous waste generators keep training records of former employees?
  • 10 . 22. (012) Which skill level must you obtain before promotion to staff sergeant?
    5-skill level.