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  • 1 . 68. (029) Once you have updated an engineering or as built drawing, who must you deliver the updates to so they can update the master files?
    Maintenance Engineering drafting section.
  • 2 . What kind of circuit has two or more load devices with each having its own path?
  • 3 . 64. (027) What happens to a recurring work program item that does not have a complete indicator?
    It remains on the next week’s schedule as a working item.
  • 4 . 62. (217) Why do you crack the outlet valve on each oxyacetylene cylinder before you attach the regulators?
    To blow out any dirt lodged in the outlet nipple.
  • 5 . 33. (407) When you work with a receptacle, apply the correct voltage and
    never attach the hot and neutral together.
  • 6 . 63. (415) What does the unit “ohm” refer to?
  • 7 . 114. (429) What is the major difference between single and three-phase motors?
    A way to get started.
  • 8 . 47. (212) The most widely used gate valve disc is the
    solid wedge.
  • 9 . 74. (418) What is the first step in locating an open in an electrical circuit?
    Perform a visual inspection.
  • 10 . 86. (033) Which commercial publications provide the “how to” aspect of a job?