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  • 1 . 26. (407) How do you finish the solderless pigtail splice?
    Wire nut.
  • 2 . 57. (025) What term means having a relationship based on mutual trust?
  • 3 . What is the movement of electrons along a conductor?
  • 4 . 73. (030) Where does material control store materials left over after a job is complete?
    Residue holding area.
  • 5 . 94. (225) When a nut or bolt must be tightened to meet factory specifications, use
    a torque handle.
  • 6 . 97. (035) What do you do if you cannot find a listing of the specific component you are looking for in a dash 4 (Illustrated Parts Breakdown)?
    Look for the next higher assembly.
  • 7 . 73. (218) A wrench specifically designed for the oxyacetylene equipment that will prevent corner rounding of the connecting nuts is
    a torch wrench.
  • 8 . 67. (029) What is a process that allows you to get everything you will need to complete the work?
  • 9 . 100. (424) What terminals are used to connect a three-phase motor to a magnetic line starter?
    T1, T2, T3.
  • 10 . 52. (412) What are the two sections of a timer?
    Timing mechanism and contacts.