Z4Y071 Vol 1 EC03 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 39. (014) SSgt Williams is adjusting to his new role as the noncommissioned officer in charge (NCOIC) of the residency section. With his new promotion he has been presented with new responsibilities and subordinates that require his guidance/attention. Which statement expresses the best way SSgt Williams can improve his time management?
    Make a list of tasks at hand, assign priorities, do top priorities first, and avoid interruptions
  • 2 . Which organization is set up specifically to solve operational problems and to evaluate methods, techniques, procedures, equipment, and materials as identified by military dental activities and by the office of the Air Force Surgeon General?
    Dental Evaluation & Consultation Service
  • 3 . 59. (022) Which workload entry project code is used in the deployed theatre only?
    Battle Related.
  • 4 . 15. (005) Upon taking supervision of your clinic, you immediately notice there are members that almost “bully” several others into taking care of tasks that should be shared; like instrument processing and filing dental health records. What can minimize the negative impact of highly aggressive or passive dental team members?
    Ground rules.
  • 5 . 83. (032) Once you have gain access to Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS), which system’s application can you use to request supplies?
    Customer Area Inventory Management (CAIM).
  • 6 . 61. (023) Which computer roster is useful if the Chief of Dental Services (CDS) wants a list of all individuals in a specific class?
    Dental Class
  • 7 . 53. (020) When may dental records of family members be retained in the files, even though the date of last treatment exceeds three years?
    When a member from the same family has been treated in the past three years.
  • 8 . 12. (004) If an active duty dental patient refuses treatment, who contacts the member’s commander?
    Chief of Dental Services (CDS)
  • 9 . 77. (029) Delegation of authority from the Dental Logistics noncommissioned officer in charge (NCOIC) to a supply custodian to request and receive items from Medical Materiel must be submitted in written format,
    contain sample signatures of the authorized personnel, and forwarded to Medical Materiel
  • 10 . 89. (033) For a controlled items inventory, who does the medical treatment facility (MTF) commander appoint to perform the inventory and why?
    A disinterested officer, senior enlisted member, or senior civilian; they should not be associated with the dental treatment facility operations.