Z4Y071 Vol 1 EC03 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 03

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  • 1 . 96. (037) Cost Center (CC) managers are in the best position to make budget estimates and forecasts because they
    monitor the day-to-day consumption of supplies, equipment, and services
  • 2 . What is the primary manpower planning tool that reflects quarterly manpower authorizations by fiscal year for each functional account code (FAC) in the organization, and it does not identify individuals by name?
    Unit manpower document (UMD)
  • 3 . 20. (006) Which counseling technique tends to move the focus of the issue away from the counselor and counselee, while involving both in the solution?
  • 4 . 32. (011) MSgt Snyder was recently appointed as the dental education and training monitor as an additional duty. What is the most effective way she could evaluate the dental training program?
    See the actual performance of trainees
  • 5 . 24. (008) An Air Force member is automatically enrolled in the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) upon completion of
    basic military training
  • 6 . Which individual(s) advise the Air Force Medical Operating Agency (AFMOA)/SGD on the management of dental programs and policy compliance as appropriate?
    AFMOA/SGD division chiefs
  • 7 . 13. (004) If an active duty dental Class 3 patient refuses treatment, what form must be completed?
    AF Form 469
  • 8 . 35. (011) What is a good method to check both performance and knowledge a dental trainee has on a task?
    Verbally question trainee while trainee performs the task
  • 9 . 51. (019) What action should be taken if an active duty member’s dental readiness classification will change to Dental Readiness Classification 4 while deployed?
    Complete a Type 2 exam prior to departure.
  • 10 . 71. (027) Into what two categories are Air Force materiels classified?
    Supplies and equipment