3F151B Practice Test

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  • 1 . A softball league is an example of what type of activity?
  • 2 . Under certain prescribed conditions, which allowance is authorized to partially reimburse a member for added living expenses incurred when it is necessary to occupy temporary lodging incident to a continental United States (CONUS) permanent change of station (PCS)?
    Temporary lodging expense (TLE).
  • 3 . Who grants permission for temporary interment?
    Geographic combatant commander.
  • 4 . Which force module (FM) is only deployed to locations where sustainment operations are expected to continue for more than 45 days?
    Operate the Base.
  • 5 . The unit deployment manager (UDM) provides quarterly training status updates to the
    force support squadron (FSS) commander.
  • 6 . Who can provide you with a base map or GeoBase Data?
    Civil engineering.
  • 7 . What type of inventory consists of merchandise maintained by operating activities for resale or consumption, such as lodging sundry sales and snack bars?
  • 8 . When the housekeeping department is closed, who will the lost and found log be transferred to?
    Front desk.
  • 9 . Eligible personnel are entitled to how many military funeral honors (MFH), ceremonies, or services?
  • 10 . Multiple cashiers can work out of a single cash register in
    small activities with annual revenue under $12,000.