3F151B Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is (01-1710)(02-1805)(03-1802) EC 01

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  • 1 . Who has the authority to alter the hours of operation of the fitness center (FC)?
    Installation commander.
  • 2 . When does the accounts payable process begin?
    With the delivery of a product or service.
  • 3 . What program is used as a last resort to protect the health and safety of personnel and is only initiated when the tactical situation precludes the return of remains?
    Temporary interment.
  • 4 . General managers should develop a contingency plan that includes how many square feet per person?
  • 5 . Taps can be played at a military funeral in all of the following ways except by a
    ceremonial bugle if the military service permits.
  • 6 . Who authorizes below-cost sales to move dead stock or slow-moving items?
    Force support squadron commander.
  • 7 . The tent, expandable, modular, personnel (TEMPER) component that provides increased environmental protection is the tent’s
  • 8 . The preferred way for storing guest’s valuables is
    in individually lockable boxes, similar to a bank safe deposit box.
  • 9 . How often should Fitness Center (FC) managers document emergency plan and procedures training?
    Quarterly and as new members are assigned.
  • 10 . When a fatality mishap occurs what agency is notified in order to make a fatality search and recovery team (FSRT) determination?
    Air Force Mortuary Affairs (AFMAO).