3F151B Practice Test

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  • 1 . The unit deployment manager (UDM) provides quarterly training status updates to the
    force support squadron (FSS) commander.
  • 2 . The epimysium is located beneath the
  • 3 . Eligible personnel are provided with professional mortuary services, supplies, and related services during peacetime, contingency, or wartime operations through what program?
    Current death.
  • 4 . What is used by lodging to make sure that the same rate is charged to all occupants for similar accommodations?
    A rate plan.
  • 5 . The front desk backup report contains current information on what area should the lodging computer system go down?
    Rooms’ status.
  • 6 . Where can you obtain training transcripts as proof that you are ready to deploy?
    Advanced Distributed Learning Service (ADLS).
  • 7 . If your activity operates an automated system, your commander may only require you to inventory
  • 8 . A sponsored guest in a force support squadron (FSS) facility has the same priority as
    the sponsor.
  • 9 . Given the types of soil and local conditions for the temporary interment site, who determines what equipment available on station is adequate to the task?
    Civil engineers.
  • 10 . When do you wash remains?