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  • 1 . 13. (603) What are the two possible positions of the differential deluge valve?
    Standby and fire
  • 2 . 67. (225) What prevents leakage past the hub of a resilient-liner plug valve?
    Diaphragm seal
  • 3 . 31. (010) Which system identifies duties and tasks for every position needed to accomplish the Air Force mission?
    Military personnel classification
  • 4 . 69. (225) What is the first step in removing a General Twin Seal plug valve operator?
    Close the main valve
  • 5 . 13. (204) What Air Force instruction details blocking and tagging of electrical lines?
  • 6 . 76. (022) What term is used to describe the process of storing hazardous waste prior to disposal?
    Hazardous waste accumulation
  • 7 . 49. (422) How many times are pipes in the water systems tested?
    Twice, after the fixtures are installed and after the appliances are connected.
  • 8 . 28. (606) The vertical space between the supply line and the flood level rim must be at least
    two times the diameter of the supply pipe
  • 9 . 40. (418) What device do you install in a building distribution system to correct a water hammer problem?
    Vertical air chamber
  • 10 . 39. (608) The first test on a double check valve assembly is to ensure the check valves hold tight against
    1 psi in the direction of flow