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  • 1 . 68. (225) What inspection and maintenance items are performed on a double block and bleed plug valve during a routine scheduled interval?
    Proper operation, operator lubrication, checking for leaks and corrosion control
  • 2 . 10. (004) What two units supplement active duty units to create a major force in worldwide deployments to meet mission requirements?
    Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve.
  • 3 . 86. (434) Chemical drain cleaners are appropriate when the drains are
    flowing sluggishly
  • 4 . 103. (441) What is the water depth of a common seal trap?
    2 inches
  • 5 . 78. (431) What is used to determine the size of the stack after the fixture unit values have been totaled?
    Stack table.
  • 6 . 89. (627) The majority of solids entering a wastewater plant are
  • 7 . 50. (217) What written document explains points that are not readily explained by drawings?
  • 8 . 42. (014) Regarding proficiency codes, what code is never used alone?
    Task Performance.
  • 9 . 75. (619) Bacteriological analysis must be done how may hours prior to the pool opening for the season?
  • 10 . 77. (620) What will happen if you do not quickly close the influent valve to an open top diatomaceous earth (DE) filter that is lower than the pool right after you shut off the filter pump?
    The DE filter pit will overflow