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  • 1 . 20. (006) Tier 2 training sites make what available to units?
    Specialized contingency equipment
  • 2 . 95. (437) Tank water closets are preferred over flushometer water closets for residences because they
    require a smaller size supply.
  • 3 . How long should it take to recharge a dry pipe system during restoration?
    30 minutes
  • 4 . 121. (034) What do you do if you can not find a listing for the specific component you are looking for in a dash 4?
    Look for the next high assembly
  • 5 . 61. (426) Which disinfection method is preferred on new water mains because of its simplicity and ease of use?
    Calcium hypochlorite tablets
  • 6 . 100. (440) The distance between the floor and the drain board in a kitchen sink should be
    36 inches
  • 7 . 25. (210) Who must provide local training on the use, calibration, and care of the equipment used to test and monitor the atmosphere?
    Bioenvironmental engineer.
  • 8 . 108. (031) What series of publications cover policy on all aspects of civilian and military staffing, including procuring, promoting, training, and funding?
  • 9 . 15. (603) The extinguisher system that provides the same general protection similar to that of the foam-water system is the
    deluge system
  • 10 . 31. (010) Which system identifies duties and tasks for every position needed to accomplish the Air Force mission?
    Military personnel classification