2T051 Vol 2 EC 05 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 84. (212) Which phrase is printed on the source document to identify a time compliance technical order (TCTO) item?
  • 2 . 21. (204) Which automated system is used by cargo movement to track and trace shipments that are past their required delivery date (RDD)?
    Integrated Data Environment (IDE)/Global Transportation Network (GTN) Convergence (IGC)
  • 3 . 36. (206) When the quantity received is greater than the quantity requisition, but equal to the quantity shipped, what type of receipt exists?
    An excess
  • 4 . 11. (203) What is the maximum number of duty days a customer has to pick up cargo for a transportation priority (TP–3) shipment?
  • 5 . 75. (212) What must also be stamped/marked “Controlled Cryptographic Item” or “CCI” if the property is considered CCI communication security (COMSEC) serialized control?
    Source document
  • 6 . 18. (204) Which Cargo Movement Operations System (CMOS) instance is used when cargo movement on a carrier is simulated?
  • 7 . 59. (210) What is the first thing that should be done after receiving the transportation tracer listing (TTL) from the customer support liaison element?
    Compare to the previous TTL
  • 8 . 30. (206) When processing a receipt in the Integrated Logistics System-Supply (ILS-S) module, where is the routing identifier (RI) code located on the Department of Defense (DD) Form 1348– 1A?
    Block 4–6
  • 9 . 63. (210) When filling out the Department of Defense (DD) Form 361, Transportation Discrepancy Report (TDR), where can inbound cargo (IC) personnel get the value or cost of repairs?
    DD Form 1348–1A
  • 10 . 87. (212) What is a valid reason why an asset is refused by an organization?