1P071 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which of the following is not a step to preemptively mitigate the effects of a radiological warfare (RW) event?
    Integrated Offence
  • 2 . Who must document compliance with an operational risk management (ORM) program that has been conducted within your training program?
    The aircrew flight equipment superintendent (AFES) or aircrew flight equipment officer (AFEO)
  • 3 . Information about your career progression in an Air Force specialty can be found in your Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP), Part
  • 4 . What are the categories of supply-type items that require turn-in?
    Recoverable and consumable
  • 5 . On the D18, priority monitor report, an asterisk in the “Memo and/or firm due-out indicator” column indicates the item
    has funds obligated
  • 6 . Which person will assist you in filling out any locally required paperwork for projecting ancillary training within your work center?
    Unit training manager (UTM)
  • 7 . What expendability, reparability, recoverability code (ERRC) identifies consumable items?
  • 8 . What activity is responsible for resolution of a deficiency report (DR)?
    Action point
  • 9 . The Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support System (JCALS) is primarily used by
    technical order (TO) managers
  • 10 . When must the preliminary report be initiated for class A and B off-duty ground mishaps?
    after the 2nd duty day