1P071 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What mishap classification is assigned if an employee is injured and misses at least 8 hours of work?
    Class C
  • 2 . Which procurement appropriation provides for the procurement of direct and indirect ground weapon support materiel, other industrial facilities, equipment and modifications, and investment-type spares?
  • 3 . Which procurement appropriation provides for the fabricating and procuring aircraft weapon systems, miscellaneous aircraft requirements, and technical data?
  • 4 . What number format of equipment involved should all requests for maintenance assistance include?
    MDS or TMS
  • 5 . Mission capable (MICAP) procedures may be initiated only after verification that the requirement cannot be satisfied using base-level resources. Who makes this verification?
    Supply and maintenance personnel
  • 6 . Maintenance assistance is provided in technical assistance, organizational and/or intermediate level maintenance, and un-programmed depot maintenance categories. Who provides this assistance?
    Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC)
  • 7 . What forms do equipment custodians send to the equipment management element (EME) in order to ask for turn-in of equipment on the custodian authorization/custody receipt listing (CA/CRL)?
    AF Form 601 or AF Form 2005
  • 8 . What is conducted in an environment as realistic as possible to determine the system’s effectiveness and suitability, and to ensure requirements are met?
    Operational test and evaluation
  • 9 . If there is no major command (MAJCOM) weapons safety training plan available, who is responsible for developing a local plan?
    You or the personnel in your section
  • 10 . The Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support System (JCALS) is primarily used by
    technical order (TO) managers