1P071 Practice Test

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  • 1 . The equipment management element controls and issues
    test equipment
  • 2 . Who serves as the liaison between local medical authorities or coroners and military investigators during an interim safety board (ISB)?
    ISB medical member
  • 3 . Within the aircrew flight equipment shop, which limitation applies to the number of survival kits and spare components that are undergoing maintenance at any one time?
    Net explosives weight (NEW)
  • 4 . The Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support System (JCALS) is primarily used by
    technical order (TO) managers
  • 5 . What two codes does the uniform material movement and issue priority system (UMMIPS) use to provide a method for identifying the importance of requisitions?
    Force activator designator (FAD) and urgency of need designator (UND)
  • 6 . What forms do equipment custodians send to the equipment management element (EME) in order to ask for turn-in of equipment on the custodian authorization/custody receipt listing (CA/CRL)?
    AF Form 601 or AF Form 2005
  • 7 . What three sources give supervisors a starting point for determining whether their current mishap prevention program is adequate?
    AF Form 55, Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS), and self-inspection checklist
  • 8 . Information about your career progression in an Air Force specialty can be found in your Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP), Part
  • 9 . At which milestone of the acquisition process is the production decision made?
  • 10 . To be acceptable for storage, explosives must be
    assigned a hazard classification