3M071A Practice Test

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  • 1 . (208) At a minimum, when should AF Form 1038 be used to rate food service operations?
  • 2 . (010) Which funding support category funds revenue generating programs?
  • 3 . (005) Who approves a nonappropriated fund instrumentalities (NAFI) memorandum of agreement (MOA)?
    Installation commander
  • 4 . (211) In a deployed environment, nonappropriated (NAF) resale operations are normally established by day
  • 5 . (202) Success of your operation is dependent upon and based upon the satisfaction of
  • 6 . (209) What is not considered when determining hours of operation for the fitness center?
  • 7 . (209) Documented guest comments are recorded and maintained for how many months?
  • 8 . (005) What allows continued in-house operation of activities despite the loss of appropriated fund (APF) manpower?
    Strategic source memorandums of agreement (MOA)
  • 9 . (208) What document breaks down each food service evaluation category area and describes evaluation criteria to complete AF Form 1038?
    AFMAN 34–240, Food Service Program Management
  • 10 . (014) In what situation do you not use individual service contracts?
    For services that the individual is obligated to provide the nonappropriated funds instrumentality (NAFI) as a result of his or her military or civilian employee position