3M071A Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 3M071A(01-1309) (02-1310)

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  • 1 . (011) Which Air Force form is used when turning-in equipment items?
  • 2 . (007) Which funds are self-generated from sources other than congressional appropriation?
  • 3 . (206) How many personnel are required to have the Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen (SPEK) operational in four and a half hours?
  • 4 . (209) What is not considered when determining hours of operation for the fitness center?
  • 5 . (011) Who is responsible for providing operating instructions for transporting, storing, and using all property within the force support squadron (FSS)?
    Resource manager (RM)
  • 6 . (007) Which funds are used to support day-to-day operations?
    Operation and maintenance (O&M)
  • 7 . (203) You can print a receipt from Subsistence Total Ordering and Receipt Electronic System (STORES) after
    transmitting the order
  • 8 . (008) Who prepares income and expense (I&E) budgets?
    Activity manager
  • 9 . (005) A regular nonappropriated funds (NAF) employee is guaranteed how many hours a week?
    20 to 40
  • 10 . (009) Which budget should be completed before developing a five-year financial plan?