3S051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What is the maximum number of months an Airmen can extend their current enlistments?
  • 2 . Accounting for all Air Force at all times regardless of location is what element of accountability?
    Total force
  • 3 . Which group is not serviced by Military Personnel Section (MPS) personnelist?
    Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard members
  • 4 . Specific unit type codes (UTCs) to posture is based on the Air Staff FAM prioritization and sequencing instructions that can be found in or on the
    AEFC AEF Online Web site
  • 5 . Within how many hours after arriving in the deployed location, is collecting and updating personnel deployment processing discrepancies completed?
  • 6 . The air expeditionary force (AEF) sets a baseline tempo band “A” of how many blocks?
    four month
  • 7 . Concepts that apply to onward or forward deployments as well as returns to home station describe what kind of actions?
    Rotation and redeployment
  • 8 . Which of the following is not a functional command?
    United States Personnel Command (USPERCOM)
  • 9 . Which unit type code (UTC) attribute is used by war planners to determine which UTCs can fill their requirements?
    Mission capability statement (MISCAP)
  • 10 . Within how many months after the effective date of the demotion can the demotion authority restore an Airman’s original grade?
    Three and six