3S051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . The survivor benefit plan (SBP) is a monthly annuity, due to an active duty member who dies in the line of duty (LOD) and is paid by the Air Force to the
    surviving spouse or eligible children
  • 2 . How many flights comprise the Force Support Squadron (FSS)?
  • 3 . A personnel information file (PIF) is highly recommended for
    derogatory information
  • 4 . With what invaluable aspect does reserve forces bring depth of experience to the mission and the Air Force?
  • 5 . When an Airman has been non-selected for reenlistment on AF IMT 418, what code is updated in the personnel data system?
  • 6 . The survivor benefit plan (SBP) annuity is paid to a surviving spouse until the spouse dies,
    but is suspended upon remarriage before age 55
  • 7 . How many years of total active federal military service (TAFMS) must members complete before being eligible for retirement?
  • 8 . The senior noncommissioned officer (SNCO) promotion program is a two-phase selection process that combines factors from
    Weighed Airman Promotion System (WAPS) and the evaluation board
  • 9 . Mobilization of the air reserve component (ARC) is also called or considered
  • 10 . Concepts that apply to onward or forward deployments as well as returns to home station describe what kind of actions?
    Rotation and redeployment