3S051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . How many flights comprise the Force Support Squadron (FSS)?
  • 2 . Restrict recommendations for decorations to all of the following except
    honors based solely on academic achievement
  • 3 . A line of duty (LOD) determination process must be initiated when a member, whether hospitalized or not, has an illness, injury or disease that results in all of the following except the
    death of a member’s spouse
  • 4 . Transaction registers are computer products that are programmatically controlled and produced
  • 5 . The Air National Guard (ANG) is a unique institution with both
    federal and state missions
  • 6 . What training status code reflects not recommended for entry into upgrade training, and determines the member ineligible for consideration under Noncommissioned Officer Retraining Program (NCORP)?
  • 7 . The National Security Act of 1974 established all of the military departments except
  • 8 . Who determines which military personnel responsibilities are performed by the Satellite Personnel Activity (SPA)?
    Manpower and personnel flight commander
  • 9 . Which of the following is not an example of disqualification for reasons within a member’s control?
    A medical condition
  • 10 . Regardless of status, personnel support for contingency operations (PERSCO) maintains accountability over all personnel on the ground, including transients at their deployed and designated geographically separated location. Which element of accountability does this describe?