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  • 1 . 107. (228) What type of distributor-type injection pump has a single-cylinder, opposed-plunger pump?
    Roosa Master.
  • 2 . 32. (016) Which screen in COVER Train contains basic information about you?
  • 3 . 104. (228) What determines the length of the effective stroke in a port and helix multiple plunger inline fuel injection system?
    The position of helix in relation to the spillway
  • 4 . 79. (219) What coolant heater is installed internally in the engine block in place of a freeze plug?
  • 5 . 88. (422) After cleaning and dressing the soldering tip, heat it and tin it with what?
  • 6 . 109. (228) In a Roosa Master type of distributor-type injection pump, what do the pistons follow to pressurize the fuel?
    Cam ring
  • 7 . 86. (221) What is a major factor in erosion in the exhaust silencer?
    Contamination in the fuel oil.
  • 8 . 38. (208) What characteristic does oil with the grade of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 5W–40 contain during cold winter months?
    SAE 5W
  • 9 . 61. (414) How often do liquid-fuel maintenance personnel inspect ground cables in tank car and tank truck unloading areas, fill stands, fuel-dispensing areas, piers, and wharves?
  • 10 . 46. (019) Who will be responsible for personal actions that have environmental consequences, according to Air Force Policy Directive 32–70, Environmental Quality?
    All personnel