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  • 1 . 81. (220) What component do two stroke engines have that serves the same purpose as the intake manifold of four-stroke engines?
    Air box
  • 2 . 13. (403) Semiconductors are not good conductors or insulators and are made of substances that have how many free electrons?
  • 3 . 92. (034) Which type of TCTO can be identified by a border of alternating red Xs and /s around the page?
    Urgent action
  • 4 . 89. (034) Which manual contains part numbers, nomenclatures, and other pertinent information necessary to support that piece of equipment?
    Illustrated parts breakdown
  • 5 . 31. (015) Once you are able to complete a task on your own, without help, who will place a completion date in your Specialty Training Standard (STS)?
  • 6 . 75. (030) What is the system that uses both the national stock number (NSN) and the power of local purchase to obtain the material you need to complete your work?
    Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS)
  • 7 . Which component of the MA–1A arresting system is used to pre-tension the hook cable?
    Pull lift
  • 8 . Which component of the BAK–9 hydraulic system supplies the static pressure to the system?
    Air-oil accumulator.
  • 9 . 93. (035) What will the a-page have for a page that should be an original?
  • 10 . 58. (214) What type of system uses cooling water to collect the heat from the jacket water in the heat exchanger, which then flows through a cooling tower?