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  • 1 . 45. (409) What characteristic does the construction make the diode have?
    Low resistance in one direction and a high resistance in the other
  • 2 . 57. (024) Who must develop, implement, and maintain a written hazard communication program for their workplaces?
  • 3 . 26. (405) What type of circuit typically has a parallel circuit with one or more legs having series portions?
    Combination circuit
  • 4 . 20. (603) When an aircraft engages the BAK–15 arresting system, what causes the net to release from the stanchions?
    Shear link devices
  • 5 . 41. (208) Against what does the protective film of oil seal the internal engine parts?
    Oxygen and moisture in the air
  • 6 . 37. (407) If the secondary coil of a transformer has more coil turns, what does the transformer do to meet circuit needs?
    Steps the voltage level up
  • 7 . 34. (407) What is the effect if an inductor uses an iron core compared to one that has an air core?
    More inductance
  • 8 . Which component of the BAK–9 hydraulic system supplies the static pressure to the system?
    Air-oil accumulator.
  • 9 . 94. (424) What should you inspect the vibration dampeners sometime used to mount a voltage regulator for?
    Cracking and deterioration
  • 10 . 46. (019) Who will be responsible for personal actions that have environmental consequences, according to Air Force Policy Directive 32–70, Environmental Quality?
    All personnel