4T051O Practice Test

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  • 1 . The Bactec 460 uses what radioactive detection label to demonstrate bacteremia?
  • 2 . What is not a beta-lactamase inhibitor antibiotic?
  • 3 . Free oxygen is toxic to
  • 4 . What media additive(s) inhibits growth of Gram-positive bacteria and also suppresses the motility of flagellated bacteria?
    Sodium desoxycholate and bile salts.
  • 5 . What basic group of hemolytic reactions on blood agar is best described as no change or lysis of the red blood cells in the media surrounding the colony?
  • 6 . Over the past few decades, published data indicates the largest source of potential laboratory-acquired infections
    are aerosols of infectious agents
  • 7 . The simplest, most practical method for collecting a urine sample is
    midstream collection
  • 8 . After inoculation in the Sensititre Microbiology System rapid procedure, the plate is removed and undergoes off-line incubation in a standard 35°C to 37°C incubator for
    5 hours.
  • 9 . Sputum specimens graded as unsatisfactory for culture are handled by
    not plating the specimen and notifying the physician by phone and in writing
  • 10 . Human life expectancy in this century has been increased through the application of discoveries in microbiology by approximately
    50 percent