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  • 1 . Why must ducts that terminate in a building be sealed?
    To prevent gases and rodents from entering a building
  • 2 . What is the configuration of an induction-voltage regulator’s primary and secondary windings?
    The primary is in shunt and the secondary is in series
  • 3 . 121. (049) The act of tying a tagline to each outside conductor with a bowline knot and pulling the conductors out of the work area we call
    tagging out
  • 4 . 64. (616) How many 120/208 volts alternating current output circuits can the secondary distribution center provide?
  • 5 . 42. (612) What are the size and type of lamps used on the telescoping light set portable light stands?
    500-watt quartz
  • 6 . 19. (007) What do you use to clean the arc interrupters of an air-break switch?
    Cloth or light sanding
  • 7 . 59. (615) You should bury primary cables to a depth of at least
    18 inches
  • 8 . 58. (615) What is the conductor size and insulation value of the basic expeditionary airfield resources high-voltage electrical cable?
    #1/0, 5 kV
  • 9 . What type transformer is used in a vault?
    Subway transformer
  • 10 . 26. (607) Besides conductor size, what is another important factor to consider when reducing voltage drop in an electrical circuit?
    Circuit distance.