2S071 Barnes ANGB V3 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Automated record reversal and correction (RVP) processing is limited to how many inputs at a time?
  • 2 . What listing provides information on existing bench stock details for recommended changes and deletions and identifies possible additions based on consumption?
  • 3 . Which option is not an objective of inventory research?
    Process requisitions when required.
  • 4 . Failure to identify and move property that is located in the wrong warehouse location in a timely manner contributes to out-of-balance conditions, erroneous stock records, and
    warehouse refusals.
  • 5 . What storage factor is used when fast moving items of great demand are stored in easily accessible locations with little handling as possible and slow moving items are stored in less convenient locations?
    Item popularity.
  • 6 . What type of inventory discrepancy occurs due to an accountable processing error?
    Resolved discrepancies.
  • 7 . Which transaction identification code (TRIC) reduces the item record’s serviceable balance and creates an unserviceable detail (R920) record?
  • 8 . What is defined as any components that are critical to launch, enable, inhibit, and authenticate status (code and critical components); are classified or become classified once installed and used; serialized items installed on operationally deployed weapons systems; items removed/replaced as an end item (there are critical parts inside, but are not normally removed separately)?
    Nuclear Weapons Related Materiel (NWRM).
  • 9 . Increasing the amount of space for an item in a location to eliminate overflow into another item’s location describes what type of storage factor?
    Item quantity.
  • 10 . The ability to print warehouse location validation listings and process transactions associated with location validation for bin rows, serviceable balances with no locations, and dead locations is provided by
    Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S).