2S071 Barnes ANGB V3 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What freeze code is assigned to item records requiring record reversal and correction?
  • 2 . Which freeze code is loaded to the item record due to a warehouse refusal?
  • 3 . What does the storage activity perform prior to the start of an inventory cycle to ensure property is accurately stored and matches the item record?
    Warehouse location validation.
  • 4 . All copies of warehouse refused documents are forwarded to what materiel management element?
  • 5 . A complete inventory and replenishment is done how many days before a scheduled semiannual phase II review?
  • 6 . An automatic adjustment for a pilferable item occurs when the record balance does not agree with the recount quantity and the dollar value of the adjustment must be less than
  • 7 . Which transaction identification code (TRIC) is used to correct misidentified serviceable items in storage?
  • 8 . Who is responsible for the accuracy of inventory held under its control including units maintaining communications security (COMSEC) and equipment in-use assets?
    Storage activity.
  • 9 . The precious metals recovery program (PMRP) manager reviews an organization’s PMRP operations, documentation, and adherence to the overall program requirements every
    24 months.
  • 10 . What listing provides information on existing bench stock details for recommended changes and deletions and identifies possible additions based on consumption?