2A851 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 1302,1304,1305,1306

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  • 1 . In relation to land and water, thermal crossover indicates both objects
    with the same temperature
  • 2 . If the mode select switch on the KYK–13 is set to OFF CHECK and the user presses the INITIATE button, then the KYK–13 will
    verify presence of a single stored key
  • 3 . What does the -003 in system/subsystem/subject number 34-11-10-003 identify?
    SRU identification
  • 4 . The specific type of payload and magazine presence are simulated by
    coding plunger pins.
  • 5 . A repeater jamming technique that copies enemy radar pulses and returns incorrect target information to the enemy radar is an example of
    imitative deception
  • 6 . What type of failure associated with ESD is the most difficult to detect?
    Latent or delayed
  • 7 . Which physical symptom is least likely to indicate a person is suffering from overexposure to noise?
  • 8 . The common aircraft portable reprogramming equipment (CAPRE) is powered by a(n)
    AC adapter and lithium-Ion battery.
  • 9 . If the JTIDS entrant is attempting to achieve fine synchronization by transmitting a round trip time interrogation, then what process is being used?
  • 10 . In which radar system is the transmitter turned on for short periods of time and off for long periods of time?