2A851 Practice Test

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  • 1 . The circuit used in an AM transmitter to bring the oscillator frequency up to the designed frequency required for carrier wave operation is
    a frequency multiplier
  • 2 . What technology does the Pilot Alert System (PAS) employ to detect contrail from the #3 engine exhaust?
  • 3 . Who or what coordinating/facilitating entity is responsible for monitoring and supporting the flight-line maintenance effort?
  • 4 . What type of ground do you need to provide for soldering irons in an ESD protected area?
  • 5 . What structural areas allow maintenance personnel to inspect or service aircraft components?
  • 6 . The specific type of payload and magazine presence are simulated by
    coding plunger pins.
  • 7 . What is the average operating power in watts of the LPCR system?
    11 W or less
  • 8 . What are AF policy directives?
    Orders of the SAF to initiate, govern, or regulate actions of conduct by AF activities at any level
  • 9 . The forward external interphone receptacle in the airborne digital interphone system (ADIS) system allows the operator to transmit on a radio, even though the other two external receptacles cannot, because it is connected to the
    boom operator’s forward IACP
  • 10 . The advantage of a passive missile approach warning system (MAWS) is
    the system is tuned to look for infrared (IR) signature of missile’s exhaust plume.