2A851 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 1302,1304,1305,1306

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  • 1 . In the tactical air navigation (TACAN) receiver transmitter (RT) adapter, TO/FROM information is developed by combining magnetic bearing with
    magnetic heading
  • 2 . In which mode of operation does Pilot Alert System (PAS) search for contrails?
  • 3 . The colored end of an insertion and extraction tool is used for contact
    insertion into a rear-release connector plug
  • 4 . What circuit is triggered when the AS–653C radar antenna reflector rotates through the aircraft lubber line?
    Heading marker
  • 5 . What is the maximum height that the CARA system computes aircraft altitude above ground level?
    50,000 feet
  • 6 . To prevent interference and possible terminal shutdowns, what systems are monitored by the TIG system?
  • 7 . Before using a dropped torque wrench, you must
    have it recalibrated
  • 8 . The authorized types of TO supplements are
    routine, safety, and operational
  • 9 . Who is the key individual who allocates the resources for maintenance to meet required mission requirements?
    Wing commander
  • 10 . Which condition is not caused by overexposure to noise?
    Excessive energy