2A851 Practice Test

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  • 1 . How long in µs does it take an RF wave to travel a radar mile?
  • 2 . What feature of a missile approach warning systems (MAWS) relates to timeliness?
    Rapid identification of infrared missile threats
  • 3 . What is the most common device used to connect multiple sections of a waveguide system?
  • 4 . A power sensor is essentially a
  • 5 . Which is not a level of built-in-test (BIT) on the airborne digital interphone system?
    Degraded BIT
  • 6 . The on-hand quantity of bench stock items does not normally exceed
    60 days
  • 7 . In the event of an emergency landing, responsibility for the security of classified equipment on an aircraft rests with the
    aircraft commander
  • 8 . What is the purpose of the KY–100 main terminal unit?
    Encodes and decodes transmitted and received audio signals
  • 9 . What part of a computer acts like a sophisticated switchboard operator?
    Control unit
  • 10 . Which of these is not a function of the MIL-STD 1553 data bus mode codes?
    Executing a BC broadcast command