2A851 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 1302,1304,1305,1306

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  • 1 . The types of TO improvement reports are
    emergency, urgent, and routine
  • 2 . How long does it take radio frequency (RF) energy to travel a radar mile?
  • 3 . What feature of a missile approach warning systems (MAWS) relates to reliability?
    Low false alarm rate
  • 4 . The two advantages of using a single-sideband receiver over an AM receiver are the ability to place
    more signals in a small portion of the frequency spectrum and a narrower receiver bandpass
  • 5 . The screen display on newer types of pulse-modulation radar indicators is called a
  • 6 . What are electronic warfare (EW) reconnaissance crews called?
  • 7 . The CYZ–10 has a sealed case with only
    three external openings
  • 8 . When the HSC inspection becomes due during a long-range mission, it is completed at the base
    to which the aircraft belongs
  • 9 . When the confidence test is performed, which APX–64 transponder R/T module’s gain is increased?
    IF amplifier
  • 10 . The radio frequency line that has uniform capacitance between the conductors throughout the length of the line is the
    shielded pair