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  • 1 . 50. (010) You are retrofitting a system with an alternative refrigerant and you determine that the capillary tube must be replaced. To do the job correctly, you would replace the capillary tube with one having
    greater resistance and longer length
  • 2 . 10. (604) During a preway tent heater operation, what causes a high-draft condition?
    Additional lengths of smokestack added on.
  • 3 . 72. (013) You have plotted all the points for an operating refrigeration system on a pressure-enthalpy (PE) chart. This will not show you the
    gained system pressure.
  • 4 . 14. (404) During the external treatment of water to be used in a mechanical system, aeration is used to
    remove the CO2 level
  • 5 . 54. (213) You make a continuity check on a compressor. The check indicates that the common circuit in the compressor is open. You feel the compressor dome and it is very hot. In this situation, you would suspect that the
    internal overload protector is open.
  • 6 . 93. (017) What accessory is added to the cascade system to increase its efficiency?
    Heat exchanger
  • 7 . 14. (203) If the motor drive pulley and the driven pulley are out of line, strain will be imposed on the
    shafts’ drive mechanism.
  • 8 . Which burner is used in a preway tent heater?
    Vaporizing pot.
  • 9 . 31. (006) R–406a can be used to replace
  • 10 . 44. (615) What is the probable cause, on a bare base air conditioner, if the compressor stops on high pressure or high temperature?
    Dirty condenser coil.