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  • 1 . Most manufacturers illustrate the wiring in their equipment through the use of
    pictorial and line diagrams
  • 2 . Which component of the immersion heater combustion chamber separates the combustion chamber and makes sure air fully circulates as it travels through the heater?
    Vertical partition
  • 3 . On a trouble call, you determine that voltage is present from R to Y at the thermostat but no voltage is present at the condenser contactor. In this situation, you would suspect that the
    Y wire is broken
  • 4 . 37. (414) What is the result if the length of the stroke is increased on a piston type chemical pump?
    Amount of chemical pumped increases.
  • 5 . What would most likely cause a heavy soot deposit in the burner on a preway tent heater?
    Restricted combustion air inlet
  • 6 . 50. (212) To check the relationship of the condensing refrigerant to the ambient air temperature, you would use
    the high-side gauge readings
  • 7 . 120. (026) On what basis should you check and clean the air filters used on air compressors?
  • 8 . 48. (010) You are retrofitting a system that does not have a receiver. To do the job properly, you would store the refrigerant in
    a recovery cylinder
  • 9 . 107. (020) Which item does not indicate the cylinders are unloading when you are adjusting a hydraulic unloader mechanism?
    The oil pressure will excessively fluctuate.
  • 10 . 19. (206) The motor problems that can occur inside a hermetic compressor are
    an open circuit, short circuit, and grounded circuit.