2S051 Vol 1 EC 06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 06

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  • 1 . 30. (008) What process governs logistics functional business management standards and practices?
    Defense Logistics Management Standards
  • 2 . 45. (013) Which individual must ensure force deletions from the reject processor program are processed for valid reasons only?
    Flight chief
  • 3 . 73. (021) The Consolidated Inventory Adjustment Document (IAD) Register (M10) must contain an entry for each adjustment transaction appearing on what two registers?
    D04 and D06
  • 4 . The purpose of the Air Force Logistics Career Broadening Program is to promote a better understanding of the whole materiel management system through the cross-utilization of training, knowledge, experience, and
  • 5 . 76. (022) Which transaction identification code is used to update the shipment-suspense detail?
  • 6 . 23. (006) Which specialized center is the hub for the integration and management of maintenance/supply chain capabilities?
    Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC)
  • 7 . 59. (019) Which analysis method do you use most often for recurring reports or for comparing statistical data with standards and norms?
    Trend analysis
  • 8 . 29. (008) The Defense Logistics Manual (DLM) 4000.25, Defense Logistics Management Standards, does not pertain to which functional area?
  • 9 . 69. (020) When does a document become delinquent after processing the information from the document control record (DCR) document?
    6th calendar day
  • 10 . 74. (022) What is the purpose of the Shipment-Suspense Program?
    Ensure an item has been shipped