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  • 1 . 69. (028) Which type of asbestos possesses the greatest risk of releasing fibers in the air?
  • 2 . 19. (008) What helps to visually explain the narrative contained in the general plan, component plans, and special plans and studies?
  • 3 . 84. (234) The construction contractor’s proposal is forwarded to civil engineering (CE) for technical review by the
    base contracting office.
  • 4 . 54. (819) In addition to the text use figure 3–4. What does coordinate “C250 R26 D20” tell you about the location of the bomb crater?
    250 feet from the beginning of pavement, 26 feet right of centerline, 20-foot diameter.
  • 5 . 24. (410) In regards to quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) of vector data, which statement does not represent one of the main topology rules?
    Duplicates and ghosted features are allowed.
  • 6 . 96. (839) Where is the fairlead beam installed and why?
    The runway edge, so the MAAS can be further from the runway.
  • 7 . 87. (662) How many basic types of global positioning system antennas are there?
  • 8 . 74. (828) “One or more craters, treated as a single rough surface” refers to a
    repair patch.
  • 9 . 93. (045) When searching the e-publications webpage, what does the long title search use to find the publication you are looking for?
    Key words of the publication title.
  • 10 . What does a systematic arrangement of your drawing equipment on the drawing table produce?
    Efficiency and saves time.