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  • 1 . 78. (653) When is the vertical scale on a profile plot exaggerated?
    On flat terrain.
  • 2 . 83. (658) How many feet of paved, compacted overrun should you provide at each end of a runway?
  • 3 . 56. (223) The determination of the project’s functional relationship to surrounding facilities and any unique siting requirements is known as
    site development.
  • 4 . 47. (817) What other specialty will you be working with on the minimum operating strip (MOS) marking team?
    3E3X1, Structural Specialists.
  • 5 . 42. (813) Using the five airbase operability elements as a guide, airbase operability assessment (ABO) assessment’s main focus is on
    direct combat capabilities.
  • 6 . 23. (616) Which member of the taping party carries the tape forward to ensure that the tape is free of loops that could lead to kinks and breakage?
    Head tape person.
  • 7 . 80. (035) What are the two methods of time accounting?
    Actual time accounting and exception time accounting.
  • 8 . 55. (819) Which of these item(s) is listed on a damage assessment team DAT (damage assessment) report?
    Item coordinates.
  • 9 . 39. (626) Which type of leveling rod has reverse readings on one side to facilitate downward readings?
  • 10 . 89. (836) Emergency airfield lighting set (EALS) and precision approach path indicator (PAPI) installation should be completed by an engineering