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  • 1 . 98. (669) What type of file does the Differential Correction utility, in Trimble Pathfinder Office, create for post-processed global positioning system positions?
  • 2 . 17. (008) The Air Force comprehensive plan is comprised of four basic parts: general plan, component plans, special plans and studies, and
  • 3 . 97. (241) Which of the following is not a method of surveillance?
    Government analysis.
  • 4 . 12. (608) If sides a, b, and c of an oblique triangle are known, which of the following functions would you use to solve for angle B?
    Law of Cosines.
  • 5 . Readiness to respond with an engineering capability is best provided through mobility posturing of civil engineering personnel and
    exercising extensively during peacetime.
  • 6 . 84. (038) What does interim work information management provide to base and MAJCOM commanders?
    Real-time data.
  • 7 . 69. (028) Which type of asbestos possesses the greatest risk of releasing fibers in the air?
  • 8 . 20. (209) In terms of distance what should a site sketch express?
    The distance between two points.
  • 9 . 62. (642) How are items at an aircraft mishap site identified?
    Mark them or the area so that it can be surveyed later.
  • 10 . 86. (039) How often are the documents selected for warranty/guarantee enforcement reviewed?