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  • 1 . 43. (018S) Where will your supervisor document all of your on the job training in the Air Force training record program?
  • 2 . 24. (617) A tape is standardized at 99.98 feet. You measure between two established points, and the tape reads 100 feet. What would you do to apply the correction to the measurement?
  • 3 . 55. (021S) When an environmental assessment is being prepared and there are findings of no significant impact, what may a decision-maker mark on the findings?
    Finding of no significant impact.
  • 4 . 60. (821) How are the beginning and ending widths of a spall field plotted?
    Plotting the widths centered on the points perpendicular to the connecting line.
  • 5 . 35. (215) Which plan is usually the first drawing you will work on and also considered the key drawing within the drawing set?
  • 6 . 45. (018S) If the individual meets all of the training goals for your section, what training code will you assign to them?
  • 7 . 45. (815) What is a function of the damage control center (DCC)?
    Coordinate civil engineer tasks and monitor response teams.
  • 8 . 94. (046) Once published, how long does an engineer technical letter remain in effect?
    Until it is canceled, rescinded, or superseded by a later ETL.
  • 9 . 97. (669) How many base stations do post-processed Differential Global Positioning Systems require?
  • 10 . 12. (608) If sides a, b, and c of an oblique triangle are known, which of the following functions would you use to solve for angle B?
    Law of Cosines.