2T251 Volume 1 EC04 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC04

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  • 1 . 47. (010) After a joint inspection (JI) is complete, copies of the DD Form 2133, Joint Airlift Inspection Record, are distributed to all of the following except the
    installation deployment officer for review and approval.
  • 2 . 20. (004) If you are driving a special purpose vehicle within 25 feet of an aircraft, what is the maximum miles per hour you can drive?
  • 3 . 56. (010) During a joint inspection (JI), if a pallet is secured using straps or chains, before the pallet can be accepted for airlift, you must ensure
    all tie down is serviceable, properly installed, and provides adequate restraint in all directions only.
  • 4 . 67. (014) In which part of a vehicle inspection will you turn off the engine, place the chocks, and walk around the vehicle to check for leaks, tire pressure, and any damage that may have occurred during use?
    After operation.
  • 5 . 89. (018) Which feature of the latrine service truck (LST) pumps chemicals into the lavatory tank to neutralize solids and eliminate odor?
    Flush/recharge hose.
  • 6 . 14. (002) Which type of organization is created to accomplish missions with specific, limited objectives and is dissolved when no longer needed?
    Joint task force.
  • 7 . 93. (018) Before operating the water pump on the potable water truck (PWT), ensure the tank contains at least how many gallons?
  • 8 . 39. (008) The benefit of pre-positioning war reserve material (WRM) is to
    reduce the amount of time, resources, and effort it takes to transport equipment to the necessary locations during combat operations.
  • 9 . Which agency serves as Air Mobility Command’s (AMC) strategic air operations hub and plans, directs, schedules, and tracks aircraft operations worldwide?
    Tanker Airlift Control Center (TACC).
  • 10 . Through which system does the Air Force provide rapid global mobility to the Defense Transportation System (DTS)?
    National Air Mobility System (NAMS).