2T251 Volume 1 EC04 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC04

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  • 1 . 38. (008) War reserve material (WRM) is equipment and other resources, authorized for wartime to maximize war-fighting capability, that are positioned as
    swing stock and starter stock or a combination of both.
  • 2 . 26. (005) Before you can prioritize work assignments, you must review the shift
    schedule to determine who is available to perform duties.
  • 3 . 88. (017) Which feature of the C−5 staircase truck allows you to more easily view the aircraft doorsill and pawl latches while raising the stairs?
  • 4 . 19. (004) If you are entering the flight-line area in a vehicle, what must you do before entering?
    Stop and do a foreign object damage (FOD) check.
  • 5 . 70. (014) Which fluid level would you check when performing a during-operation inspection on a 10K forklift?
  • 6 . 55. (010) Before a lox cart can be accepted for airlift during a joint inspection (JI), you must ensure
    vent kit materials are present with the cargo and a qualified technician is available to vent the cart at loading time only.
  • 7 . 47. (010) After a joint inspection (JI) is complete, copies of the DD Form 2133, Joint Airlift Inspection Record, are distributed to all of the following except the
    installation deployment officer for review and approval.
  • 8 . 20. (004) If you are driving a special purpose vehicle within 25 feet of an aircraft, what is the maximum miles per hour you can drive?
  • 9 . 89. (018) Which feature of the latrine service truck (LST) pumps chemicals into the lavatory tank to neutralize solids and eliminate odor?
    Flush/recharge hose.
  • 10 . Which term refers to the movement of personnel, units, supplies, and equipment to reinforce or resupply already deployed or employed forces?