2T251 Volume 1 EC04 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC04

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  • 1 . If you are a part of the traffic management specialty in the transportation career field, which duties would you perform?
    Packaging, classifying, and arranging personal property for shipment or storage.
  • 2 . 50. (010) Before a vehicle is considered satisfactory during a joint inspection (JI), it cannot have any leaks coming from the
    brake system.
  • 3 . 83. (016) In case of an engine failure or hydraulic pump failure while driving, the Halvorsen has an electrically powered hydraulic pump within the hydraulic system that instantly and automatically operates for how many seconds?
  • 4 . 92. (018) How many ounces of 5 percent sodium hypochlorite solution will you use on the potable water truck (PWT) for a 250-gallon tank?
  • 5 . 59. (011) Which type of airdrop requires no parachute?
  • 6 . 81. (016) The Halvorsen loader was designed to deploy within how many minutes?
  • 7 . 73. (015) Which forklift is designed for operating on rough terrain?
    10K AT.
  • 8 . 89. (018) Which feature of the latrine service truck (LST) pumps chemicals into the lavatory tank to neutralize solids and eliminate odor?
    Flush/recharge hose.
  • 9 . 29. (006) Your supervisor referred you to the Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR) to look up information about joint inspection procedures. After locating the DTR through the AF Portal, in which part of the DTR do you look?
    Part III.
  • 10 . 97. (019) What towing mistake can easily bend or break trailer tongues and render the equipment inoperable?