2S071 Vol 3 EC 08 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 08

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  • 1 . 72. (418) What is used to protect voice, record, and data communications processed by traditional national security telecommunications systems?
    CCI designations
  • 2 . 48. (412) After the bench stock review, who does customer support provide copies of the organization bench stock listing (S04) to?
    Shop supervisor and materiel control
  • 3 . 54. (414) Causative research will be conducted for all adjustments greater than
  • 4 . 69. (417) How many filter criteria sections are in the Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S) Asset Management Items Not Put Away report?
  • 5 . 20. (407) What storage factor increases the amount of space for an item in a location to eliminate overflow into another item’s location?
    Item quantity
  • 6 . 65. (416) What publication contains the formats for transactions and the menu screens used to process record reversal and corrections (RVP)?
    Air Force Handbook (AFH) 23−123
  • 7 . 39. (410) Failure to identify and move property that is located in the wrong warehouse location in a timely manner contributes to out-of-balance conditions, erroneous stock records, and
    warehouse refusals
  • 8 . 51. (413) What type of inventory is conducted by line item on an as-required basis?
  • 9 . 68. (417) In the Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S) Asset Management database, to view records in more detail, click on a hyperlinked
    asset management ID number
  • 10 . 46. (412) Items recommended for bench stock are based on
    past issues and due-out release actions