2S071 Vol 3 EC 08 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 08

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  • 1 . Which transaction identification code (TRIC) should an inspector use to transfer an unserviceable shelf-life asset to maintenance?
  • 2 . 25. (408) In a storage space, the total or maximum amount of weight that can be stored in a specific amount of floor space is known as
    floor load limit
  • 3 . 16. (406) Where are items containing precious metals properly stored?
    A security cage
  • 4 . 76. (418) Narcotics and drug abuse items, precious metals, items of a highly technical or of a hazardous nature, and explosives are what type of controlled materiel?
  • 5 . 62. (415) What tool is used to gain effective asset control by identifying areas of current and potential high loss?
    Inventory analysis
  • 6 . 54. (414) Causative research will be conducted for all adjustments greater than
  • 7 . 37. (410) What type of items must be opened to physically verify that the item in the container matches the stock number on the outside property tag and bin label?
  • 8 . 41. (410) Warehouse personnel use the daily document register (D04) to verify successful processing for transactions on warehouse location deletions, indicative data changes, unit of issue changes, and
    controlled item changes
  • 9 . 80. (420) As designated in United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) guidance, code components are inventoried at
    15, 30, and/or 90-day intervals
  • 10 . Which transaction identification code (TRIC) is used to correct misidentified serviceable items in storage?