2S071 Vol 3 EC 08 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 08

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  • 1 . 74. (418) Which cover sheet is used for Top Secret materiel?
    Air Force Form 144
  • 2 . 67. (417) What asset management record is displayed in the Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S) items not put away report?
  • 3 . Who is responsible for establishing the condition and identity of items received, stored, issued, shipped, and transferred by the logistics readiness squadron?
    Materiel management inspector
  • 4 . 37. (410) What type of items must be opened to physically verify that the item in the container matches the stock number on the outside property tag and bin label?
  • 5 . 19. (407) What storage factor is used when fast-moving items of great demand are stored in easily accessible locations that requires as little handling as possible and slow moving items are stored in less convenient locations?
    Item popularity
  • 6 . 34. (410) At a minimum, how often must all warehouse locations be validated?
  • 7 . 85. (421) Air Force agencies will not requisition or transport controlled materiel outside of normal
    military standard requisitioning and issue procedures (MILSTRIP)
  • 8 . 52. (413) What freeze code identifies a special inventory?
  • 9 . 82. (420) What color ink is used to stamp or handwrite the words “Classified Item” on copies of source documents for classified items?
  • 10 . 70. (417) What Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S) asset management report shows all items that have not been delivered to the customer?
    Items not received