Z2S051 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 5

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  • 1 . (649) Which organization supports multiple full Materiel Management accounts?
    Defense Enterprise Computing Centers (DECC)
  • 2 . (647) Which system provides the user with information on their requisitions, with emphasis placed on the flight line base level user?
  • 3 . (411) Which requisition exception codes (REX) is assigned under program control due to Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) status?
  • 4 . (015) Which of the following is not a division within the Supply Management Activity Group- Retail (SMAG-R)?
    Air Force Working Capital Fund
  • 5 . (642) In Discoverer, what is a logical grouping of database tables or views that apply to your specific data requirements?
    Business areas
  • 6 . (607) What is a major disadvantage in the use of unimproved open storage?
    Limited use of material handling equipment (MHE)
  • 7 . (604) What transaction identification code (TRIC) is processed to initiate a condition change?
  • 8 . (641) Which report displays data that is helpful in determining what property has been received and has not yet made it to stock?
    Not put away
  • 9 . (211) Which management notice is produced notifying stock awaiting disposition instructions after an unserviceable turn-in process?
  • 10 . (017) A category III difficulty report does not stop computer system processing and is corrected
    in the next scheduled release