Z2S051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (615) Flammable solids include chemicals that are solids at a minimum temperature of
  • 2 . (410) Which transaction identification code is used to process a transfer of materiel to Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services (DLADS)?
  • 3 . (004) Who serves as the primary point of contact for interfacing with the Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC) on behalf of maintenance customers?
    Maintenance support liaison (MSL)
  • 4 . (216) What personal computer (PC) program is used to manage mobility bags (MOBAGS)?
    Mobility Inventory Control and Accountability System (MICAS) web
  • 5 . (004) Local manufacture is a term that describes an item
    fabricated by a maintenance activity on base
  • 6 . When a due-out cancellation was processed in the Core Automated Maintenance System (CAMS), what review code is used on the due-out-cancellation input?
  • 7 . (411) An automatic requisition to the source of supply is identified by what document identification code?
  • 8 . (620) Which supply activity code is used to process items to maintenance for a functional check?
  • 9 . (210) What is the source of data Supply uses to process turnaround transactions?
    AFTO Form 350, Reparable Item Processing Tag
  • 10 . (005) What best describes Class VII items?
    Major end items