2A852 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 1405,1406,1408,1409,1504

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  • 1 . The standard datum plane is a theoretical plane where the atmospheric pressure is
    29.92″ mercury (Hg) and the temperature is +15 degrees (°) Celsius (C)
  • 2 . The series yaw damper (SYD) rudder inputs are initiated by signals from the
    yaw angle rate gyro
  • 3 . Engagement of the control panel ROLL axis switch causes the flight control set (FCS) to maintain the aircraft in a wings-level condition and
    hold the existing heading
  • 4 . Which caution/advisory warning lights indicate unsafe flight conditions and system failures?
  • 5 . What is the flight control set (FCS) pitch attitude degree limit?
  • 6 . Supply discipline starts with
    each individual
  • 7 . Maintenance data collection (MDC) information is used as a tool for determining or validating manpower, budget, and
    equipment requirements
  • 8 . Data that must be sent between two processors in the Ethernet local area network (LAN) must flow through the
    digital switching module
  • 9 . On a range setting of two milliohms the bonding meter will measure from
    0 to 1.999 milliohms
  • 10 . The continuous built-in-test (BIT) monitors and records errors within each axis of operation while the aircraft
    is in flight and the flight control set (FCS) is engaged