2A852 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 1405,1406,1408,1409,1504

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  • 1 . What condition causes an aircraft’s uncorrected airspeed indicator to read higher than it should?
    Decreased temperature
  • 2 . Pitch trim position is displayed by a dial-type indicator, incorporating a scale graduated in degrees from
    –6° to +14°
  • 3 . What is a prerequisite for entering the flight control set (FCS) localizer (LOC) capture mode?
    A valid radio altimeter signal
  • 4 . What type of errors may not be detected by the Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS)?
    One-of-a-kind entries.
  • 5 . What tool measures the specific degree of tightness of nuts or bolts?
    Torque wrench.
  • 6 . What are the two ways to obtain relief of property responsibility when pecuniary liability is not involved?
    Turn-in and transfer
  • 7 . Which AFTO form is used to record essential inspection and delayed maintenance data?
  • 8 . The AFTO Form 245 is used
    as a continuation sheet for Part V of the AFTO Form 244
  • 9 . Which Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS) screen and option can be viewed to allow narratives to a specific job data record to be modified?
    929, option 12
  • 10 . Each total air temperature probe contains these sensing elements.
    Two variable resistance-type