3M051B Practice Test

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  • 1 . (014) When is it mandatory to use night depositories?
    When your funds on-hand exceed established funds storage limits for your operation
  • 2 . (014) Who signs the refund voucher or Epitome Property Management System (PMS) generated version to verify receipt of a refund?
    Guest only
  • 3 . (411) The Services Control Center provides higher headquarters with a situation report (SITREP) of the mortuary affairs activity at the end of each
  • 4 . (215) Multiple cashiers can work out of a single cash register within
    small activities with annual revenue under $12,000
  • 5 . (017) An income and expense budget may also be referred to as
    an operating budget
  • 6 . (021) Who schedules mandatory annual impartial inventories of sundry items?
    Nonappropriated fund financial analyst (NAFFA)
  • 7 . (208) Which term is used to describe the joining of two or more bones?
  • 8 . (001) All eligible guests listed as priority 2 are assigned rooms
    on a space-available basis
  • 9 . (012) When may guests check-in to lodging?
    Any time if rooms are available
  • 10 . (203) What is the proper temperature control required for the sauna located in your fitness center?