3M051B Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 01/1308-02/1310-03/1310 EDIT CODE 6

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  • 1 . (021) When are complete physical inventories conducted on sundry items?
    As needed
  • 2 . (010) What property management system (PMS) product can be used to search and retrieve guest information by name, address, or confirmation number from the property and Central Reservation System (CRS), and guarantee codes?
    Guest data worksheet
  • 3 . (403) Who can provide you with a base map or GeoBase Data?
    Civil Engineering
  • 4 . (417) If your commander or chief of protocol is not from the United States you are most likely in a
    coalition operation
  • 5 . (007) You should plan for each self-help laundry (SHL) system to support how many people?
  • 6 . (412) Who educates and trains search and recovery (S&R) team members on the use, maintenance, and care of respirators used to protect against the inhalation of harmful atmospheres?
    Bioenvironmental engineer
  • 7 . (411) Who is required to declare death at the casualty collection point (CCP)?
    Competent medical authority
  • 8 . (207) How often should you practice your fitness center emergency plans?
  • 9 . (415) When determining precedence among officers on active duty what is the first factor to consider, if you do not consider position?
  • 10 . (412) When selecting peacetime search and recovery team leaders from the Force Support Squadron what criteria does the mortuary officer not use?
    Duty position