3M051B Practice Test

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  • 1 . (208) Where are the nerves and blood vessels located in the bone composition?
    Within the medullar cavity
  • 2 . (013) What base agencies do you refer guests to who request storage for weapons and classified material respectively?
    Security forces and the command post
  • 3 . (005) Basic housekeeping services includes
    dusting and vacuuming as necessary
  • 4 . (416) When purchased using nonappropriated funds (NAF) special morale and welfare (SM&W) expenditures, the spending limit for mementos is
  • 5 . (016) Who prepares the financial statements?
    Nonappropriated funds accounting office (NAF AO)
  • 6 . (416) What type of invitation is very useful when you need to include more than one function?
  • 7 . (212) What is one of the chief benefits of sports programs within your fitness center physical fitness program?
    Encourages physical activity and exercise
  • 8 . (215) Multiple cashiers can work out of a single cash register within
    small activities with annual revenue under $12,000
  • 9 . (219) A softball league is an example of which type of activity?
  • 10 . (203) What is the proper temperature control required for the sauna located in your fitness center?