3M051B Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 01/1308-02/1310-03/1310 EDIT CODE 6

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  • 1 . (410) Taps can be played at a military funeral in all of the following ways except by a
    ceremonial bugle if the military service permits
  • 2 . (216) Which organization provides Force Support Squadron (FSS) with banking support in a deployed environment?
    Deployed finance
  • 3 . (005) What should housekeepers do in addition to providing basic housekeeping service?
    Display courteous and helpful behavior toward guests and other lodging employees
  • 4 . (003) The general manager issues non-availability at the time lodging reservations are requested or not later than what time period after the reservation is made?
    One duty day
  • 5 . (415) The starting point for all that you do with an official function is
    determining the order of precedence
  • 6 . (010) What property management system (PMS) product can be used to search and retrieve guest information by name, address, or confirmation number from the property and Central Reservation System (CRS), and guarantee codes?
    Guest data worksheet
  • 7 . (406) Who must complete home station and readiness training (HSRT)?
    All FSS personnel
  • 8 . (012) Normal checkout time is
  • 9 . (209) As part of your skeletal muscles the epimysium is located beneath the
  • 10 . (013) When the housekeeping department is closed, who will the lost and found log be transferred to?
    Front desk