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  • 1 . (412) When testing a thermostatic expansion valve, what action should you perform to open the valve?
    Warm up the sensing bulb
  • 2 . (008) A typical governor assembly consists of a shaft, a spool valve(s) or check balls, springs, snap rings, and
    two weights
  • 3 . (214) What is the purpose of a hydraulic spring accumulator in an anti-lock brake modulator assembly?
    Store pressurized brake fluid for use during anti-lock brake operations
  • 4 . (404) What allows for rapid deflation in the central tire inflation system (CTIS)?
    Orifice bypass valve
  • 5 . (008) The correct way to check the automatic transmission fluid on most vehicles is to use
    the park gear range, the transmission is warm, and the engine running
  • 6 . (201) In a torsion bar suspension system, as the wheels move up and down, the torsion bar moves in a
    twisting motion
  • 7 . (202) What tool should you use to remove a wheel bearing and seal from the rotor assembly?
    Brass drift punch
  • 8 . (401) What valve protects the truck’s air system if there is an air loss in the trailer’s air system?
    Tractor protection valve
  • 9 . (201) What type of suspension leveling system incorporates air shocks, a height sensor, and a compressor?
  • 10 . (004) What components are used to drive, as well as hold, planetary gear set members in an automatic transmission?
    Multiple-disc clutches