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  • 1 . (207) Caster is not adjustable on many front ends with McPherson struts because the
    strut and steering knuckle are an integral component
  • 2 . (208) The master cylinder’s piston cups are designed to deflect during brake release in order to
    prevent a vacuum from developing in front of the piston
  • 3 . (201) In the vehicle suspension system, how are the ends of the stabilizer bar connected?
    Each end is linked to each side of the suspension
  • 4 . (406) What component is responsible for transferring electricity from the steering column to the inflator on an air bag-equipped vehicle?
    Clock spring
  • 5 . (403) The correct way to check slack adjuster operation and adjustment is to inspect the
    length of the pushrod stroke when the brakes are applied
  • 6 . (201) Ball joints are connected to the control arm by all of the following methods, except
  • 7 . (403) Why must you be careful when greasing the foundation brake camshaft housing?
    Too much grease can contaminate the brake linings
  • 8 . (203) On a P-metric tire, the letter “P” indicates the
    tire is designed for a passenger car
  • 9 . (202) When greasing ball joints with rubber seals, you know there is enough grease in the boot when
    the seal bulges slightly
  • 10 . (409) The factor that determines how many resistors are located in the resistor block on any given vehicle is the
    number of blower speeds in the blower motor circuit