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  • 1 . (402) What are the main components of the wedge assembly?
    Wedge, roller cage, and return spring
  • 2 . (207) A thrust alignment is when the
    front wheels are aligned in relation to the rear wheels
  • 3 . (205) In a parallelogram steering system, the outer tie rod is connected to a/an
    steering arm
  • 4 . (202) What tool should you use to remove a wheel bearing and seal from the rotor assembly?
    Brass drift punch
  • 5 . (207) The following alignment angles contribute to correct “toe-out on turns” except
    Thrust angle
  • 6 . (211) What can cause the rotor to knock the pads back and forth and result in a pulsating pedal during braking?
    Excessive lateral runout
  • 7 . (005) What shift program, or mode, in an automatic transmission will upshift the transmission at lower vehicle speeds and delay throttle-induced downshifts?
  • 8 . (408) What type of test do you perform to check for the proper operation of vehicle-sensitive belt retractors?
  • 9 . (008) The correct way to check the automatic transmission fluid on most vehicles is to use
    the park gear range, the transmission is warm, and the engine running
  • 10 . (412) When testing a thermostatic expansion valve, what action should you perform to open the valve?
    Warm up the sensing bulb