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  • 1 . (210) In a disc brake system, a fixed caliper is attached to the steering knuckle with
  • 2 . (214) How does a wheel-speed sensor generate and send a voltage signal to the computer?
    Magnetic induction
  • 3 . (003) What component sometimes controls the hydraulic application of the clutch piston in a hydraulic lockup torque converter?
    Engine computer
  • 4 . (002) As vehicle speed increases, governor pressure in a transmission valve body
  • 5 . (203) Which type of wheel and tire assembly is usually found on special purpose industrial vehicles?
    Split rim
  • 6 . (008) The correct way to check the automatic transmission fluid on most vehicles is to use
    the park gear range, the transmission is warm, and the engine running
  • 7 . (208) The master cylinder’s piston cups are designed to deflect during brake release in order to
    prevent a vacuum from developing in front of the piston
  • 8 . (012) What must you do before you can shift in or out of 4L and neutral in a typical transfer case?
    Stop the vehicle
  • 9 . (214) If the amber warning lamp is turned on in a four-channel anti-lock brake system (ABS), what system/component is disabled?
  • 10 . (412) You should not open the high-pressure hand valve when charging the refrigerant system because the
    refrigerant container may explode