2A354C (2A354Q) Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2A354C 01 1303, 02 1304, 03 1305

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  • 1 . Radar antennas are said to be highly directional, allowing them to transmit and receive in
    only one direction at any given time
  • 2 . When the F–16 advanced identification friend or foe (AIFF) system enables encrypted identity operation, which mode is it using?
  • 3 . UFC priority functions are made available through the priority function keys, only when the
    CNI page is displayed on the DED
  • 4 . Where are the two low-level sensors and two air ejector control sensors found?
    On the fuel probes of the forward and aft reservoirs
  • 5 . When in GMT mode on the FCR, fine MTG adjustments are made on the
    throttle gain control
  • 6 . What type of battery does the MMC contain, and what is the battery's purpose?
    A lithium 3.6 volt, D size battery; it provides a back-up capability in the event of failure, removal, or recharging of the aircraft battery
  • 7 . For the ALE–47 countermeasures dispensing set (CMDS), when actuating the chaff/flare switch, what manual program is dispensed?
  • 8 . On the F–16 aircraft, where is the voice message unit for the interphone system located?
    Under the right-hand console
  • 9 . The F–16 digital flight control computer (DFLCC) has multiplex bus communication with the central air data computer (CADC) for
    pitch autopilot (altitude hold)
  • 10 . The F-16C/D radar OFP is contained in the