2A354C (2A354Q) Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2A354C 01 1303, 02 1304, 03 1305

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  • 1 . The output of the radar transmitter is routed to the antenna
    through a waveguide
  • 2 . On the F–16 ARC–210 very high frequency/ultra-high frequency (UHF/VHF) radio system, when transmission is initiated, to which position is the mic switched placed?
  • 3 . The advanced interference blanker unit (AIBU) is operational anytime power is applied to
    the aircraft
  • 4 . Through the countermeasures signal processor (CMSP), radar threat warning systems (RTWS) audio can be turned ON or OFF. Which other RTWS function ties in with the audio function?
    Diamond symbol placement
  • 5 . How many channels are available for the AN/ARC–164 Have Quick II ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio?
  • 6 . Which technical order (TO) contains procedures for advanced interference blanker unit (AIBU) removal and installation?
  • 7 . In the cockpit of the F–16, which switch is used to initiate a dispense program on the AN/ALQ–213?
  • 8 . If the landing gear handle is up and standby gains are selected, the F–16 leading edge flaps drive to
    0 degrees
  • 9 . When the CNI page is displayed, how many function values can be changed using the increment/decrement switch?
  • 10 . What F-16C/D systems have the capability for electronic boresight?
    HUD, camera, hard points (left and right) for the LANTIRN, INS, FCR, and FLIR