2A354C (2A354Q) Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2A354C 01 1303, 02 1304, 03 1305

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  • 1 . What ALR–56M component(s) provides power status signals to the analysis processor (AP)?
    C/D band receiver (CDR)/power supply
  • 2 . The F–16 speed brakes receive hydraulic pressure from which hydraulic system?
  • 3 . When the F–16 advanced identification friend or foe (AIFF) system enables traffic identity operation, which mode is it using?
  • 4 . How many channels are available for the AN/ARC–164 Have Quick II ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio?
  • 5 . What predetermines the crash survivable flight data recorder (CSFDR) special event criteria?
    Signal acquisition unit operational flight program (SAU OFP)
  • 6 . Where are the ALR–56M direction-finding receiver (DFR) baseband signals sent once they are processed?
    Superheterodyne receiver (SHR)
  • 7 . What are the two positions of the filter switch on the secure voice processor?
    IN and OUT
  • 8 . How many fuel probes are in each externally mounted fuel tank?
    One in the centerline; three in the wing tanks
  • 9 . On the HUD, what scale consists of a vertical line to indicate minimum and maximum range, with a smaller vertical line to indicate the no-escape zone?
    Air-to-air missile range scale
  • 10 . C/D band threats fall into what band category?