2A354C (2A354Q) Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2A354C 01 1303, 02 1304, 03 1305

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  • 1 . What component is considered the heart of a radar warning receiver (RWR)?
    Signal processor
  • 2 . The range of movement of the F–16 rudder is how many degrees left or right of streamline?
  • 3 . Pitch and roll attitude adjustments can be made on the F–16 while either autopilot attitude (ATT) mode is engaged. What feature enables this adjustment?
    Control stick steering
  • 4 . UFC priority functions are made available through the priority function keys, only when the
    CNI page is displayed on the DED
  • 5 . What ALR–56M component provides all the required direct current (DC) operating voltages for the superheterodyne receiver (SHR)?
    Superheterodyne controller (SHC)
  • 6 . An axis on an aircraft is an imaginary line that
    passes through the aircraft’s center of gravity
  • 7 . What will inform the operator if a CMFD OSS is actuated?
    Momentary flash on the CMFD screen
  • 8 . Which radar threat warning systems (RTWS) mode is used if displayed threat symbols overlap or are superimposed?
  • 9 . On the F-16 CMFD symbology, the circle around the target symbol indicates the
    target is the one next-to-shoot
  • 10 . On F–16s, what are the three positions on the speed brake switch?
    Extend, retract, and hold