A2T351 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC-01

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  • 1 . The recommended procedure for cleaning the cables on a P-19 dispensing system bumper turret is to
    wipe them with a lint-free cloth moistened with solvent.
  • 2 . What is the capacity of the water tank on the P-23 dispensing system?
    3,300 gallons
  • 3 . The P-19 booster heater operates until the coolant reaches
  • 4 . When adjusting free travel on the P-19 power divider modulating clutch the first step is toturn the
    air-chamber clevis
  • 5 . Where is the P-19 modulating clutch located?
    Inside the power divider
  • 6 . You correct worn or damaged locking lugs on the Kovatch R–11 bottom-loading adapter by
    replacing the adapter
  • 7 . The purpose of the R–11 throttle auxiliary interlock system is to
    prevent operation of the auxiliary throttle when the power takeoff (PTO) is in the ROAD mode.
  • 8 . What mechanism allows for a rotating connection between the static reel and the housing?
    A set of contacts.
  • 9 . Why would there be low flow while dispensing water or foam with the P-19?
    Engine speed is improper
  • 10 . What Kovatch R–11 air system component turns air pressure into mechanical energy?
    Air starter