A2T351 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC-01

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  • 1 . What direction do you turn the regulator stem to increase pressure when adjusting the Kovatch R–11 nozzle pressure-regulating pilot valves?
  • 2 . What P-19 drivetrain component provides power to drive the transmission and firefightingsystem simultaneously?
  • 3 . How does the Kovatch R–11 operator know when the power takeoff (PTO) is engaged and fourth gear lockup is achieved?
    OK to pump light illuminates
  • 4 . Which P-19 drivetrain component drives both the front axles and a drive-through shaft forthe rear axle?
    Nose box
  • 5 . How many air reservoirs does the Kovatch R–11 use?
  • 6 . (225) What component on the collapsible coated fabric fuel tank allows for removal of water?
    Tank-vent pipe assembly
  • 7 . The pushbutton switch for the diagnostic test switch for the P-23 transmission/powerdivider electronic control module (ECM) is a
    normally closed switch
  • 8 . When in the D6 position, how does the P-23 transmission progress through gear ranges two through six in both up-shift and downshift operation?
  • 9 . The pilot relief valve is adjustable because it controls the discharge pressure during
    CRASH mode operation
  • 10 . Which P-19 winterization system component heats the coolant?
    Booster heater