2T051 Vol1 EC 05 Practice Test

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  • 1 . In traffic management, who approves all skill-level upgrades?
  • 2 . 22. (007) Who pays for travel arrangements for customers on permissive temporary duty?
    The traveler
  • 3 . 36. (010) What is required before a customer can be counseled face-to-face?
    Valid travel orders
  • 4 . 14. (003) Once the career field education and training plans (CFETP) has been changed and published, who is responsible for conducting an annual review of the job qualification standard (JQS)?
    Air Force career field manager (AFCFM)
  • 5 . 37. (011) What is not a factor to consider when determining household goods entitlements?
    Move is permanent change of station (PCS) or temporary duty (TDY)
  • 6 . 58. (017) Where in the Defense Travel Regulation (DTR) can a personal property clerk find information regarding customs?
    Part V
  • 7 . Who is responsible for their command’s health to assure mission accomplishment in the event of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear explosives (CBRNE) attack?
  • 8 . 12. (003) Who should evaluate the trainee to determine his or her understanding of the tasks that are being learned?
  • 9 . What skill level identifies personnel who have obtained basic knowledge by successfully completing the Traffic Management Apprentice Course?
  • 10 . 31. (008) What is the first step when you are arranging travel for air and space expeditionary forces?
    The installation deployment officer (IDO) reviews the time-phased force deployment data (TPFDD)