2R051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What Maintenance Information System (MIS) is the key to reliability, sustainability, and deployability of the nation's mobility fleet?
    Core Automated Maintenance System (CAMS) for Mobility (G081)
  • 2 . The data to calculate system capability rates is obtained from
  • 3 . If G081 deadline records meet the hourly scan criteria to run, when does the batch system schedule them?
    On the whole hour
  • 4 . What type of maintenance events can be monitored by the controlling agency under job following?
  • 5 . What is the value of 5 ÷ 2 × 6?
  • 6 . When using a seasonal index, the 8⅓ percent (100/12) centerline serves as a reference point to indicate the months
    above or below the overall average
  • 7 . Which phrase is true regarding signed numbers?
    Both positive and negative numbers have values
  • 8 . What action taken codes are used to compute base repair capability rates?
    A, F, G, K, L, Z
  • 9 . The data used for Pearson's coefficient of correlation must
    display homogeneity of variance
  • 10 . When computing for the Flying Scheduling Effectiveness rate, what is subtracted from the total number of scheduled sorties?
    Total deviations