2R051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . In Structured Query Language (SQL), what do you normally enter in the select list of a SELECT statement?
    Column names
  • 2 . Which application program file holds the absolute elements for batch processing in transaction interface package (TIP)?
  • 3 . When a maintenance unit encourages the development of automated information systems and procedures that enhance productivity, it is accomplished by
    eliminating nonproductive administrative tasks and improving efficiency
  • 4 . The transaction interface package (TIP) provides
    users with a fast-file control system
  • 5 . What kind of communications-electronics (C-E) maintenance unit provides specialized maintenance and training capability above those normally found in operations and maintenance (O&M) units?
    Special maintenance teams (SMT)
  • 6 . The basic keyin console mode allows
    a user to request the status on a user’s run
  • 7 . If X equals 24 and s equals 6, what are the values of X ± 2s?
    12 and 36
  • 8 . People who missed the meeting can find a summary by obtaining a copy of the
  • 9 . Which software is required to access Integrated Maintenance Data System graphical user interface (IMDS GUI)?
    Internet browser
  • 10 . DEMAND processing is a
    manner of processing in which a user is not restricted to a specific automated information system (AIS)