2A753 Practice Test

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  • 1 . When making a step-joint repair to an aramid honeycomb composite panel, you make the replacement plies
    to match each ply in the original panel
  • 2 . What is the first step when preparing a part to blast in the plastic media blasting booth?
    Thoroughly clean the substrate
  • 3 . An angle drill is used to remove damage when
    the damage is in a limited space
  • 4 . If the K-value for 90° is 1 then what is the required amount of setback for a 90° bend with a radius of ¼ inch and the metal thickness is 0.062 inch?
    0.312 inch
  • 5 . What nut style do you use when all bolt hole locations are equally spaced around an opening?
  • 6 . What type of file is used primarily for sharpening circular saws and edge tools?
  • 7 . What important factor must be known before polishing out a scratch on an acrylic assembly?
    The thickness the acrylic plastic assembly will be after polishing
  • 8 . What determines the twist drill size you need to remove a Jo-bolt that is rotating in the hole?
    Diameter of the Jo-bolt
  • 9 . Prior to use, how many seconds should a touch-up pen paint applicator be mixed?
    60 seconds
  • 10 . When performing a corrosion inspection, which tool would you use to dislodge blisters or bubbles?
    Plastic scraper