2A753 Practice Test

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  • 1 . To properly locate the start point on a piece of tubing that will have only one bend, you
    estimate the amount of tubing needed to make the bend, plus additional material for the flare
  • 2 . Which technical order (TO) contains operational checkout procedures?
    Job guide
  • 3 . To properly install a new flush-type airloc turn-lock fastener, the size of the punched hole in the access panel should be
    approximately the same size as the diameter of the stud shank
  • 4 . What symbol do you enter on the Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) Form 781A when an aircraft is considered unsafe or unfit for flight?
    Red X
  • 5 . Which secure web application is used to view electronic technical orders (eTOs)?
    Enhanced Technical Information Management System (ETIMS)
  • 6 . To inspect the ring position of a swaged Permalite (Deutschlite) fitting, you use
    an inspection gage
  • 7 . In what series technical order (TO) can you find specific equipment maintenance inspection and maintenance requirements?
  • 8 . What special requirement(s) must be met when mechanically removing coatings on steel and titanium alloy?
    Part must be grounded and area must be well ventilated
  • 9 . What is the maximum surface angle on which you can satisfactorily drive a stump lock-bolt collar?
    7° perpendicular with the axis of the hole
  • 10 . To provide a more uniform bondline thickness when making a metal-bonded honeycomb repair, you use a
    film adhesive