2A753 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What must you do before you can use a stencil?
    Remove all unneeded vinyl
  • 2 . What is the final step that completes a camloc fastener assembly installation?
    Check the grip length of the stud
  • 3 . Which is not one of the five major types of technical orders (TO) authorized for use in the Air Force?
    Operations and methods technical order
  • 4 . When inspecting exhaust paths for corrosion, what areas should be inspected because they cannot be reached with normal cleaning?
    Seams and fairings
  • 5 . What is used to determine the depth of a corrosion pit?
    Depth gauge
  • 6 . When fabricating a filler plate for a flush skin repair in an open area, you determine the overall dimensions of the filler by
    using the cutout area as a template
  • 7 . Dynatube expanders designed for titanium are identified by stop collars painted
  • 8 . What is an advanced form of Intergranula corrosion?
    Exfoliation corrosion
  • 9 . What is the identifying color for Aramid/epoxy materials?
  • 10 . When disassembling a transparent plastic assembly, what is the value of drawing a diagram on cardboard showing the location of the fasteners?
    Proper placement of fasteners is ensured