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  • 1 . What size is the water draw-off line in an all weather tank, and where does it terminate?
    ¾ inch, ½ inch from the sump bottom
  • 2 . 58. (024) A material that permits a large number of free electrons to move through it is called
    a conductor
  • 3 . 71. (421) After refueling an aircraft and the lead pump deenergizes, at what pounds per square inch (psi) does the 58AF–9–1 defuel/flush valve close?
  • 4 . 23. (409) Reference figure 2–7. Which of these would probably cause the 90AF–8 refueling control valve to open, then close?
    CDHS–3 tripping
  • 5 . 30. (016) Which one of the following is not considered a hazardous substance?
    Stagnant ditch water.
  • 6 . 54. (216) The Class I, Division 2, hazardous area around a service station dispenser extends outward how many feet and upward how many inches?
    20 feet, 18 inches
  • 7 . 23. (608) What is the initial setting of all the chemical pump control knobs on the reverse osmosis water purification unit?
  • 8 . 59. (025) The uniform movement of electrons in a specific direction is called
    electric current
  • 9 . What will horizontal underground storage tanks and cut and cover tanks that issue jet fuel have on top of them?
    A pumphouse
  • 10 . A damaged diaphragm on the pressure reducing control is indicated by
    a fuel leakage from the vent port