3E451O Practice Test

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  • 1 . 21. (608) Which technical order do you use when operating the H–9581–2 reverse osmosis water purification unit?
  • 2 . 31. (016) How often does a review of each section’s waste producing process need to be performed?
  • 3 . 74. (030) Which of these items is not a part of a direct current (DC) motor?
  • 4 . 16. (007) Who approves respirators worn by Air Force employees?
    Bioenvironmental engineer (BE)
  • 5 . 41. (416) Before adjusting the high pressure relief control on the 51AF–4 valve, you must also adjust the pressure reducing control (CRD) on the 90AF–8 valve to
    5 psi above normal operating pressure
  • 6 . 19. (408) If the cover chamber pressure on a 90AF–8 refueling control valve stays between the inlet and outlet pressure, the valve
  • 7 . 51. (621) Each Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources deployable latrine unit consist of
    Six toilets and one urinal trough that drain into a 360-gallon waste tank
  • 8 . 81. (231) Emergency-stop switches are what color?
  • 9 . 99. (241) How many selectable fuel product pumps does each master vehicle identification reader (MVIR) have the capacity to control?
  • 10 . 98. (240) If an automatic shutoff nozzle shuts off all the time, what is the first thing you should check?
    Vacuum tube