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  • 1 . 63. (624) Which technical order should you consult before operating the sewer sucker trailer?
  • 2 . 66. (028) What type diagram is a simple drawing showing the relationship of system major parts?
  • 3 . 66. (220) If the 40AF–2A, fuel discharge valve, fails to open, what should you check first?
    Water in the filter/separator.
  • 4 . 47. (212) When can people enter a fuel tank without protective equipment?
    0 percent LEL, the tank has been washed out and dried, the tank is known never to have contained leaded fuel, and the Bioenvironmental Engineer has approved their entry
  • 5 . 91. (431) What valve is used as the flush valve in a Type IV system?
  • 6 . 71. (029) Ammeters are used to check for
    current draw (flow)
  • 7 . Which properties make JP–4 the most dangerous of all the fuels?
    Low vapor pressure and high volatility.
  • 8 . 90. (037) When you clean a motor with compressed air, what is the maximum air pressure to use in pounds per square inch (psi)?
    25 psi
  • 9 . 14. (203) The wind girder is installed on floating roof tanks to
    prevent the collapse of the tank shell
  • 10 . 24. (609) What is the maximum reverse osmosis pump pressure that should never be exceeded when operating the reverse osmosis water purification unit?
    960 psi (seawater), 500 psi (brackish water)