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  • 1 . 37. (209) Which one of the following is not the responsibility of the MAJCOM fuels engineer’s representative during the contract cleaning of a fuel tank?
    To stop the contractor’s work for contract violations
  • 2 . 28. (207) At what level must the automatic bleeder vent supports be set when preparing for an internal inspection and cleaning?
    6 feet.
  • 3 . 80. (231) The emergency-stop switches have what type of contacts and complete which circuits?
    Closed; low-voltage for the fuel transfer pump control
  • 4 . 73. (628) How many inches of earth should you apply to the daily waste in an area landfill?
  • 5 . 70. (421) At what pounds per square inch does the 58AF–3 pressure control valve close?
  • 6 . 31. (207) What is the inspection frequency for the fabric seal on a floating roof tank?
  • 7 . 34. (208) How would you take care of internal corrosion for the low-level control attached to the liquidometer?
    Wire brush clean and replace the cover gasket
  • 8 . 37. (414) What type of ground rods are hydrant outlets grounded to in the piping system of the Type II Hydrant System?
    Galvanized/stainless steel.
  • 9 . 33. (614) What occurs when the end connectors or the interconnectors of the reverse osmosis water purification unit get damaged by high pressure?
  • 10 . 53. (621) How much water is required to prime the pump on the Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources latrines deployable pump?
    3 quarts