2A552N Ed 05 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (421) For de-icing, the H–60 main rotor (MR) blade has
    electro-thermal blankets
  • 2 . (234) How many degrees must the search/landing lights be extended before they can be turned on?
  • 3 . (041) A pilot would use autorotation
    during an emergency landing with an engine failure
  • 4 . (006) What is normally a safe distance to the front and sides of the intake duct when a jet engine is operating?
    25 feet
  • 5 . (222) In an emergency, what provides an external path for fuel being jettisoned?
    Fuel jettison shutoff valve
  • 6 . (020) How many authorized inspection concepts are used by the Air Force?
  • 7 . (014) Which form is the source document for logging flight activity for individuals?
    Air Force technical order (AFTO) Form 781, AFORMS (Air Force Operations Resource Management System) Aircrew/Mission Flight Data Document
  • 8 . (407) What type of H–60 hydraulic leak check observation would you use if the location of a component does not permit you to directly observe the leak?
  • 9 . (217) In knots, what is the maximum speed for flight with a latched open cargo door?
  • 10 . (016) Which section within the Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) normally performs organizational-level maintenance on aircraft?