2A552N Ed 05 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 05

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  • 1 . (212) Under normal operation, how much pressure, in pounds per square inch (psi), does the hydraulic pump maintain in the high pressure cylinder of the reservoir?
    80 to 100
  • 2 . (041) A pilot would use autorotation
    during an emergency landing with an engine failure
  • 3 . (203) The pilot and copilot seats adjust through a range of
    five inches vertically and three inches longitudinally
  • 4 . (241) What component is designed to reduce rotor-induced vibrations and provide anti-ice protection for the proprotor blade assemblies?
    Pendulum damper assemblies
  • 5 . (033) When you start the first hydraulic high-pressure pump motor on the A/M27T–2A hydraulic test stand, approximately how many seconds must you wait before you proceed to the next system so that the motor can go into the ―run‖ configuration?
  • 6 . (239) How many pounds per square inch (PSI) of nitrogen precharge is each engine fire suppression bottle pressurized to?
  • 7 . (043) Which is not considered a condition requiring an aircraft to be weighed and balanced?
    When a new main gearbox has been installed and the gearbox historical records cannot be found
  • 8 . (429) The hydromechanical unit actuating system on the T700 engine will open the start bleed valve when gas generator speed (Ng) goes below
    87 percent
  • 9 . (229) The battery heater that is built into the battery case and allows the battery to be electrically heated during cold temperatures is
    thermostatically controlled and powered by 115 volts alternating current (VAC)
  • 10 . (205) How many feet above the ground or deck are the rudders that are located on the rear of the edge of the vertical stabilizers?
    11 to 17