2A552N Ed 05 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (004) Which item may be worn when performing maintenance on electrical equipment or aircraft electrical systems?
    Plastic rim glasses
  • 2 . (405) What system is used to operationally check the H–60 hydraulic system during ground operations?
    Backup hydraulic
  • 3 . (254) What component receives oil at a flow rate of 5.5 gallons per minute (gpm) from the engine oil tank assembly, in order to lubricate the engine accessory gearbox?
    Oil pump
  • 4 . (405) What type of replaceable micron filter is used in the H–60 hydraulic refill pump?
  • 5 . (017) Who manages, controls, and directs resources to accomplish all unscheduled and scheduled maintenance to generate aircraft?
    Flightline expediter
  • 6 . (036) The hydraulic relief valves on the hydraulic filler and pressurization unit are set at what minimum and maximum levels to relieve the low and high pressure systems from excessive pressure?
    100 psi (low); 3,300 psi (high)
  • 7 . (425) What routes oil and fuel through the T700 engine accessory gearbox (AGB)?
    Internal passages
  • 8 . (430) The component the turbine section on an H–60 auxiliary power unit (APU) uses to increase the hot gas flow velocity and direct the gas flow to the blades of the turbine wheel is a
    turbine nozzle
  • 9 . (228) What components of the alternating current (AC) system continuously check that the voltages are within the 109–115 volts AC (VAC) tolerance on each phase of the bus?
    Dedicated bus health monitors
  • 10 . (437) What component of the Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring System (IVHMS) controls the IVHMS-On-Board System (OBS)?
    Integrated Vehicle Health Management Unit (IVHMU)