2A552N Ed 05 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (042) Which aircraft design provides the best weight-to-strength ratio?
  • 2 . (047) When the outside air temperature is between 5 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) and 40°F, what should be the percentage ratio mix of water-to-methanol/isopropyl alcohol when cleaning aircraft engines?
    60% water and 40% methanol or isopropyl alcohol
  • 3 . (435) When determining vibration, how do you convert hertz (Hz) into revolutions per minute (rpm)?
    Multiplying Hz by 60
  • 4 . (435) Vibration is best defined as the periodic back and forth movement of a component caused by
    unbalance or external forces
  • 5 . (405) When the No. 1 hydraulic system on an H–60 fails, the pressure switch that will send a signal to the logic module is located in the
    transfer module
  • 6 . (027) Which special tool is used to measure the flight control surfaces in degrees of travel?
    Propeller protractor
  • 7 . (043) An aircraft weight and balance update is required
    when a component weighing five pounds or more is removed or installed
  • 8 . (045) What form of corrosion causes a buildup of corrosion deposits just below the metal surface, resulting in a separation of the surface grains?
  • 9 . (017) Who is the first line manager and supervisor of maintenance production?
    Section noncommissioned officer in charge (NCOIC)
  • 10 . (204) Which digit of the four-digit numbering system that identifies zones and areas with access provisions on the Osprey is a numerical identification of the panel/door within a zone?