3DX5X - 5 Lvl General Practice Test

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  • 1 . (011) What cyberspace weapon system identifies vulnerabilities and provides commanders with a comprehensive assessment of the risk of existing vulnerabilities on critical mission networks?
    Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment/Hunter Weapon System
  • 2 . (007) What inspection integrates elements of compliance and readiness with new inspection elements to create a new Inspector General (IG) inspection of unit effectiveness?
    Unit Effectiveness Inspection (UEI)
  • 3 . (009) The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is derived from what United States Code (USC)?
    Title 10
  • 4 . (010) When Air National Guard personnel in Title 32 status train for cyber operations, what title status must they be in to execute those missions?
    Title 10
  • 5 . (015) Which unit within the Air Force Network Operations (AFNetOps) community has a goal to reduce training and increase the warfighter capacity?
    Enterprise Service Unit (ESU)
  • 6 . (006) Which evaluation is NOT an assessment type in a Quality Assurance (QA) program?
    Standard Evaluation
  • 7 . (003) What title is normally assigned to the on-station ranking 3D cyberspace non-commissioned officer (NCO)?
    Base functional manager (BFM)
  • 8 . (010) What policy outlines the United States (US) Armed Forces’ comprehensive strategic approach for using cyberspace operations to assure US military strategic superiority in the cyber domain?
    National Military Strategy for Cyberspace Operations
  • 9 . (010) Members of a household or relatives with whom you have a close personal relationship is an example of which type of unethical situation?
    Covered relationship
  • 10 . (010) What document spells out the comprehensive strategy for the United States to secure cyberspace?
    National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace