2S051 Vol 4 EC 06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 06

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  • 1 . What three things are used to identify an item?
    Reference number, stock number, and item description.
  • 2 . 44. (620) How are electronic sensitive devices (ESD) identified on the item record?
    Type cargo code 3
  • 3 . 65. (630) Who initiates the deficiency report process to include the deficient property at the time of turn-in?
    Maintenance personnel
  • 4 . 34. (615) As a minimum, how often must a utility program be run to identify potentially hazardous item records that do not have an issue exception (IEX) code or health hazard flag (HHF) assigned?
  • 5 . 58. (628) When inventory count images are input, the computer compares the record balance with the
    physical count quantity.
  • 6 . 71. (633) Once the date of last demand has exceeded how many days are bench stock items recommended for deletion?
  • 7 . 19. (609) When you increase the amount of space for an item in a location to eliminate overflow into another item’s location, you are implementing what storage factor?
    Item quantity
  • 8 . 45. (620) What transaction identification code (TRIC) and activity code are used to process an electronic sensitive device (ESD) item from a detail record to maintenance for testing?
    MSI, C.
  • 9 . 51. (623) What computer input is used to load a suspect materiel flag to an item record?
    FCD with suspect flag S.
  • 10 . 11. (606) Who schedules and accomplishes an aggressive surveillance inspection program of all items in storage?