2S051 Vol 4 EC 06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 06

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  • 1 . 80. (636) What is defined as materiel that requires a high degree of protection and control due to statutory requirements or regulations?
    Sensitive items
  • 2 . 49. (622) What type of shelf life coded item has a definite nonextendable shelf-life?
    Type I
  • 3 . 55. (626) At a minimum, how frequently is the unserviceable storage area reviewed by storage personnel for validation purposes?
  • 4 . 95. (646) Which supports repair execution and item distribution, and manages flow of recoverable assets in and out of depot repair?
    Execution and Prioritization of Repair Support System.
  • 5 . 98. (648) How can users request access to the logistics, installations & mission support-enterprise view (LIMS-EV)?
    Via the Air Force Portal
  • 6 . 67. (631) Which individual is appointed by the unit commander to accept custodial responsibility for government property under their control?
    Property custodian
  • 7 . 33. (615) What is used to identify hazards and safety measures associated with a particular product?
    Safety data sheet (SDS)
  • 8 . 60. (629) What document is used to clear the ā€œIā€ freeze code suspense file?
    Annotated 1GP notice.
  • 9 . 81. (637) Identification of persons authorized to accept controlled material is done according to
    AFI 16ā€“1404, Air Force Information Security Program
  • 10 . 18. (609) What must be planned before the actual start of the storage operation to assure the floor and cubic capacity of the warehouse will be used to the greatest extent possible?
    Storage areas