2S051 Vol 2 EC 06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 06

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  • 1 . 55. (214) What transaction identification code (TRIC) is used to load the serial number/control record for readiness spares package (RSP) authorizations?
  • 2 . 81. (216) Which type mobility bag (MOBAG) contains chemical warfare defense equipment?
  • 3 . 61. (214) The decision to transfer mobility readiness spares package (MRSP) accountability rests with the host and the
    gaining major command (MAJCOM)
  • 4 . 69. (215) The Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) is structured and executed under three principles transparency, predictability, and
  • 5 . 64. (214) What action code is used when transferring multiple quantities from a mobility readiness spares package (MRSP) or war reserve materiel (WRM) detail record?
  • 6 . 79. (216) Who performs warehouse validations prior to inventorying mobility assets?
    Individual protective equipment personnel
  • 7 . 12. (203) When the materiel management system detects an Integrated Maintenance Data System Central Database (IMDS CDB) transaction error, the image is
    returned to IMDS CDB
  • 8 . 26. (206) What transaction identification code (TRIC) is used to process the updated status and location for a due-in from maintenance (DIFM) record?
  • 9 . 34. (209) Which action taken code indicates an item is condemned?
  • 10 . 16. (204) Who confirms an end-item is not mission capable and verifies all local resources are exhausted prior to submitting a MICAP request?
    Logistics readiness squadron (LRS) base level