2S051 Vol 2 EC 06 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 06

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  • 1 . 61. (214) The decision to transfer mobility readiness spares package (MRSP) accountability rests with the host and the
    gaining major command (MAJCOM)
  • 2 . 88. (216) What does Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S) Mobility asset management programmatically search for and detect in relation to gas masks?
    Expired service life dates
  • 3 . What one-position alpha code is used to indicate how the materiel management system accumulates demand data for stock leveling and due-in from maintenance (DIFM) control?
    Demand code
  • 4 . 10. (203) Which base-wide organization uses the Integrated Maintenance Data System Central Database (IMDS CDB) to interface with materiel management system?
  • 5 . 32. (208) What is entered in the “remarks” block of the DD Form 1574 (yellow tag)?
    Time compliance technical order (TCTO) number
  • 6 . 49. (214) Who will continuously monitor requirements supporting Air Force war plans and ensure the validity of all war reserve materiel (WRM) requirements?
  • 7 . 74. (216) What section stores small arms for mobility use?
    Individual protective equipment element.
  • 8 . 41. (211) Which update is prepared and processed by repair cycle support (RCS) to update demand data on the item record and repair cycle data on the repair cycle record?
  • 9 . 75. (216) What number must be annotated on all documentation for small arms?
  • 10 . 40. (211) Failure to process turnaround (TRN) data in a correct and timely manner results in reduced base stock levels and incomplete reports from which buy, repair, and distribution decisions are made by
    Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command (HQ AFMC)