Z4B051 VOL 2 EC3 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (202) Which published documents are the only approved vehicles for issuing official Air Force policy and/or guidance?
    Official Air Force Publications
  • 2 . (231) The energy of sound over a specific area is known as sound
  • 3 . (205) Which is not a component of the Air Force Framework for risk management?
    Document hazards
  • 4 . (232) What term could describe hearing loss due to an explosion?
    Acoustic trauma
  • 5 . (245) What is the hierarchy of thermal stress controls?
    Engineering, administrative, and PPE
  • 6 . (225) In which publication will you find a majority of substance specific standards that you will deal with?
    OSHA General Industry Standard (1910 series).
  • 7 . (213) When is the best time to accomplish construction plan review and introduce engineering controls for a facility?
    In the design phase
  • 8 . (234) What environmental factors may affect the performance of noise measurement instruments and their readings?
    Temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and magnetic fields
  • 9 . (224) If a safety data sheet (SDS) is not provided with the initial shipment of a hazardous material, who must request it?
    Workplace supervisor
  • 10 . (201) Which OEH program document serves as the foundational document for the overall AF OEH Program establishing implementation procedures?
    AFI 48–145, Occupational and Environmental Health Program