4A071N EC 02 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 40. (012) Prior to submitting an ACR who must the RMO check with to ensure no impact is made on the unit’s deployment requirements?
    Unit deployment manager
  • 2 . 25. (007) What is a grouping of forces, manpower, and costs associated with a military capability or support activity?
  • 3 . 49. (016) Air Reserve Force authorizations must be identified to
  • 4 . 20. (006) Who shall have an independent certified public accounting firm perform audit procedures for each resource-sharing agreement to validate that resource-sharing activity is correctly reported under contract provisions?
  • 5 . 50. (016) Who approves the interim use of civilians until military resources can be planned and made available?
  • 6 . 39. (012) What is a tool a unit can use to request a change to manning levels?
  • 7 . 23. (007) Which PPBES phase provides the opportunity to make assessments concerning current and previous resource allocations and whether the department achieved its planned performance goal?
  • 8 . How often is the P2R2 access metric updated by the MTF point of contact?
  • 9 . 45. (014) Which analysis places the assets where the population drives the largest financial risk?
  • 10 . 38. (011) What serves as both a planning and programming guidance document to build the POM?