2T271 Volume 2 EC05 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 05

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  • 1 . 76. (217) When determining shoring requirements, you determine the wheel load for a vehicle by dividing the
    axle weight by the number of wheels on each axle
  • 2 . 13. (202) When processing Defense Courier Service (DCS) material, the DCS representative’s first choice to escort the material in the absence of a dedicated courier is
    a space-required passenger selected from a printed copy of the list of eligible passengers
  • 3 . 78. (217) When preparing a load plan, which type will units and aerial port personnel use for mobility moves, contingencies, and channel missions outside of Air Mobility Command (AMC) if they have the capability?
    Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES) Load Plans
  • 4 . While you are processing and inspecting the DD Form 1387􀀐2, Special Handling Data/Certification, for a classified shipment, if none of the information entered in the blocks of the form is classified, the shipper completes how many total copies of the form?
  • 5 . 58. (212) When accomplishing a departure mission load report (MLR) special interest cargo section, what information is not included?
    Hazardous cargo
  • 6 . 61. (213) When completing the outbound side of the Air Mobility Command (AMC) Form 77, Aircraft Ground Handling Record, you enter in the Loadmaster Scheduled Show block the loadmaster/boom operator scheduled show time
    and the initials of the command post and ATOC representatives passing/receiving the information only
  • 7 . 85. (218) When preparing a DD Form 1385, Cargo Manifest, as a backup manifest, complete
    the manifest header and only pallet header and loose cargo/mail data that are in the body
  • 8 . Air Mobility Command (AMC) mission capability (MICAP)/very, very important parts (VVIP)/forward supply system (FSS) shipments are transferred on a hand-receipt basis using
    Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES) or manually produced cargo manifests
  • 9 . 75. (217) Which formula do you use to determine the shoring requirements for skidded cargo?
    L × W × number of skids
  • 10 . 77. (217) When determining shoring requirements for a drum with a rim, after doubling the thickness of the shoring,
    add it to the outside diameter and subtract it from the inside diameter