2T271 Volume 2 EC05 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 05

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  • 1 . 46. (209) How many 25,000-pound chains would you use to restrain a piece of cargo weighing 12,500 pounds for the vertical direction when the cargo is restrained to the floor of a Cô€€17?
  • 2 . Air Mobility Command (AMC) mission capability (MICAP)/very, very important parts (VVIP)/forward supply system (FSS) shipments are transferred on a hand-receipt basis using
    Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES) or manually produced cargo manifests
  • 3 . 55. (212) When accomplishing a departure mission load report (MLR), you forward the report to the downline stations after the
    senior controller reviews it, but no later than 30 minutes after mission departure
  • 4 . 67. (214) An aerial port of embarkation (APOE) will not ship explosives or applicable foreign military sales (FMS) shipments without aerial port of debarkation (APOD) approval except when
    free-flow is authorized
  • 5 . 31. (206) A center of balance (C/B) marking is not required for a
    single pallet
  • 6 . 33. (206) Calculate the center of balance from the front forward edge (CBFFE) in inches for a multiaxle vehicle that the front axle weight (FAW) is 3,650 pounds with a distance of 40 inches from the front forward edge (FFE) and the rear axle weight (RAW) is 4,200 pounds with a distance of 150 inches from the FFE.
  • 7 . 20. (203) What should you do if human remains (HR) are not embalmed and refrigeration is not available?
    Contact mortuary affairs
  • 8 . 77. (217) When determining shoring requirements for a drum with a rim, after doubling the thickness of the shoring,
    add it to the outside diameter and subtract it from the inside diameter
  • 9 . When processing an originating Air Mobility Command (AMC) Mission Capability (MICAP)/very, very important parts (VVIP)/Forward Supply System (FSS) shipment, which form do you use to control and monitor each shipment?
    AMC Form 36, Originating AMC MICAP/VVIP Control Log
  • 10 . 73. (217) Which of the following pieces of cargo would not require an ATTLA cert letter?
    Cargo outlined in the applicable aircraft technical order