2F071 Volume 2 EC05 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC05

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  • 1 . 87. (234) What form should be completed for awarding skill levels when all upgrade training (UGT) requirements have been met?
    AF Form 2096, Classification/On-the-Job Training Action
  • 2 . 46. (217) Regarding vehicle clipboards, what is the color coding requirement for Jet A fuel?
    Yellow clipboard with white stripes
  • 3 . 48. (218) When performing fuels controller duties, in the event of an emergency, you must notify each element in the fuels management flight, the squadron commander and the
    wing command post
  • 4 . 81. (231) Who should maintain the keys to the Quality Control (QC) hold box?
    Laboratory personnel
  • 5 . 68. (226) What is the maximum amount of time that can pass between the time a sample is obtained and the time a conductivity reading is taken?
    24 hours
  • 6 . 13. (205) What agency serves as the link between the Defense Logistics Agency–Energy (DLA–Energy) and its customers?
    Defense Logistics Agency–Energy (DLA–Energy) regions
  • 7 . 53. (221) Which recoverable and waste (R&W) petroleum product category covers motor crankcase oils and reciprocating aircraft engine oils?
    Category 3
  • 8 . 19. (206) When an operator is dispatched to complete a fueling operation, which information is not provided?
    Name of requester (crew chief)
  • 9 . 62. (224) How often are the printed standards for the Aeronautical Engine Laboratory (AEL) test replaced?
  • 10 . 44. (216) When encoding a vehicle identification link (VIL) key for a rental vehicle, what information should be entered in the vehicle identification field?
    The vehicle license plate number