2F071 Volume 2 EC05 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC05

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  • 1 . 62. (224) How often are the printed standards for the Aeronautical Engine Laboratory (AEL) test replaced?
  • 2 . All spot-checks are rated as
    Pass or Fail
  • 3 . 11. (204) What outside agency collects, analyzes, and publishes base fuel mishap reports and develops trend analysis on reports affecting fuel operations?
    Air Force Petroleum Agency (AFPA)
  • 4 . 43. (216) When encoding vehicle identification link (VIL) keys, how long should you maintain copies of a VIL key request in the defense fuel supply point (DSFP) document control file?
    36 months
  • 5 . 24. (208) Which agency can initiate a Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) REPOL report?
    Joint staff
  • 6 . 61. (224) What type of dye is used for the Aeronautical Engine Laboratory (AEL) detector pad?
    Sodium fluorescein
  • 7 . 51. (220) How often should fuel correlation samples be submitted to the area laboratory to check the accuracy of tests performed at base level?
    Every 90 days
  • 8 . 49. (219) How often do you test a liquid oxygen (LOX) generating plant for odor and purity if a LOX production run will exceed 24 hours?
    Every 24 hours
  • 9 . 82. (231) For a trend analysis, who defines what constitutes a negative trend and develops policies to isolate and correct them?
    Fuels management team (FMT)
  • 10 . 84. (233) Maintaining a current listing of all personnel with special experience identifiers (SEI) is the responsibility of the
    fuels mobility supervisor