2F071 Volume 2 EC05 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC05

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  • 1 . 28. (210) When determining authorizations for cash sales, you know that cash sales are only authorized when
    sales support by equipment and/or personnel do not interfere with military operations
  • 2 . 65. (226) A conductivity probe is not required to be cleaned before use when the
    meter can be zeroed
  • 3 . 41. (215) When determining authorizations for sales to non-DOD aircraft, you know that “T” Department of Defense address activity codes (DODAAC) are assigned to non-DOD organizations by
    Defense Logistics Agency–Energy (DLA–Energy)
  • 4 . 76. (231) When recording test results, which FuelsManager Defense (FMD) application would you use to track sampling dates and store sample results?
    Quality Control application
  • 5 . 44. (216) When encoding a vehicle identification link (VIL) key for a rental vehicle, what information should be entered in the vehicle identification field?
    The vehicle license plate number
  • 6 . 19. (206) When an operator is dispatched to complete a fueling operation, which information is not provided?
    Name of requester (crew chief)
  • 7 . When reporting monthly assessments results, what form do Quality Control evaluators use?
    AF Form 4421, Logistics Readiness Squadron Quality Assurance Assessment Form
  • 8 . 88. (234) The fuels training supervisor should review all training records
  • 9 . 55. (222) What size graduated cylinder is used to perform the American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity test?
    1,000 ml
  • 10 . 25. (209) The Tank Group window in the FuelsManager Defense product movement tracker allows operators to create tabular lists of up to how many tanks?