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  • 1 . When there is an apparent vehicle fire, how many feet should the ambulance be parked from the affected vehicle?
  • 2 . What organ is primarily responsible for controlling lipid metabolism?
  • 3 . Which medical term means the absence of infection?
  • 4 . When you ask a medical patient what may have triggered his or her pain, you are questioning about
  • 5 . The life span of lymphocytes is
  • 6 . When transmitting information about a patient over the radio, what information should not be broadcast?
  • 7 . Deficiency in respirations such as slow or irregular shallow respirations can lead to an excessive accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood which results in a condition called
    respiratory acidosis
  • 8 . If an individua l walks in to a medical treatment facility (MTF) and asks for assistance bringing in a family member, you should ask
    what is wrong with the patient to determine the appropriate transfer device
  • 9 . What is the shelf life for sterilized equipment using the event-related method?
    When package integrity is compromised.
  • 10 . Complex carbohydrates are called