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  • 1 . How much vacuum must suction units provide when the tube is clamped?
    300 mm Hg.
  • 2 . When transmitting information about a patient over the radio, what information should not be broadcast?
  • 3 . Which is a characteristic of late adulthood?
    Muscle atrophy
  • 4 . Any artificial products or features which appear on an electrocardiogram tracing are called
  • 5 . In cubic centimeters (cc), what is the slowest possible flow rate per hour you may set for an intravenous (IV) solution?
    10 to 50 cc
  • 6 . While gathering a history of illness, when you ask a medical patient if the pain is constant or intermittent, what are you trying to determine?
  • 7 . Which item may not be placed in a hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer?
    Count sheets
  • 8 . When using a mask in an isolation unit, put the mask on
    before entering, and take it off before leaving
  • 9 . Deficiency in respirations such as slow or irregular shallow respirations can lead to an excessive accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood which results in a condition called
    respiratory acidosis
  • 10 . When cutting through thick muscular skin of the back, a provider would most likely use a
    mayo scissors.