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  • 1 . Nursing actions that facilitate self-actualization is pertinent during which aspect of the nursing care?
  • 2 . The life span of lymphocytes is
  • 3 . The basic purpose of infusion therapy is to
    administer fluids into the circulatory system
  • 4 . After obtaining a blood sample, instruct the patient to maintain pressure over the venipuncture site for
    2 to 3 minutes
  • 5 . Calcium can be found in all of the following sources except
  • 6 . When cutting through thick muscular skin of the back, a provider would most likely use a
    mayo scissors.
  • 7 . When can the minor surgery procedure begin?
    After the consent form is signed
  • 8 . Which medical term means the absence of infection?
  • 9 . After you have applied a topical anesthetic to a wound that requires treatment, what should you do next?
    Assess sensory awareness
  • 10 . Which fluid imbalance is characterized by dry mucous membranes, weak and rapid pulse, orthostatic hypotension, and a low central venous pressure?