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  • 1 . 17. (005) What skill level and grade is a Chief Enlisted Manager?
    9-level, E–9.
  • 2 . 35. (410) What plan do Air Force installation’s develop to provide comprehensive guidance for emergency response to physical threats resulting from major accidents, natural disasters, conventional attacks, terrorist attacks, and CBRN attacks?
    Comprehensive emergency management plan (CEMP) 10–2
  • 3 . 12. (802) Which of the following is not one of the five functions performed within the command and control process?
    Establishing communication.
  • 4 . 12. (002) Which CE flight manages the Prime BEEF program?
    Readiness and Emergency Management.
  • 5 . 61. (418) To bring an installation back to combat readiness status after a major accident or natural disaster what should restoration decisions focus its installation resources on?
    Safety; preventing the further loss of combat power; maintaining or restoring installation integrity and security; restoring C2 over forces; restoring the primary mission; and supporting other forces
  • 6 . In what year did the program name change from full spectrum threat response to emergency management?
  • 7 . 80. (647) How long is M9 paper useful after being removed from the shipping bag?
    Approximately one year for tropic and desert regions.
  • 8 . 52. (021) Which action is an ongoing requirement of a good safety program?
    Regular safety briefings
  • 9 . Which CE flight is responsible for counter-chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CCBRN) planning, training and response?
    Readiness and Emergency Management.
  • 10 . 76. (221) What kind of permit must a flight have before it can receive, store, distribute, use, transfer, or dispose of radioactive sources?
    Radioactive material