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  • 1 . 82. (814) What options are available to dispose of contaminated waste during contingency operations?
    Open storage, burning, and burying
  • 2 . 87. (816) How often are readiness and emergency management flights, at an expeditionary installation, required to exercise their downwind hazard analysis capability?
    Every 2 months
  • 3 . 80. (814) In an attempt to extend the wear time of the chemical protective overgarment, you should use the M291/M295 kit on your overgarment within how many minutes of a chemical agent contamination?
    15 minutes.
  • 4 . 68. (420) Until time and equipment permit completion of extensive radiation surveys, what will be used to assist in assessing the potential impact of a nuclear weapon accident and in identifying areas for initial investigation by your radiological response teams?
    Atmospheric release advisory capability (ARAC) plot
  • 5 . 33. (408) What is the fastest way to send out a plan for review and coordination?
    Shotgun method.
  • 6 . 22. (007) The CFETP is located inside the
    On-the-Job Training Record.
  • 7 . 43. (213) The homeland security operations center shares information with emergency operations centers through the
  • 8 . 54. (022) Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with all Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requirements?
    Installation commander
  • 9 . 64. (220) Who determines and prioritizes all core processes when it comes to manpower?
    Career Field Manager and MAJCOM FAMs.
  • 10 . 45. (017) Besides CE, who also receives a copy of warranty evaluations?
    Base contracting officer.