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  • 1 . 91. (432) Which inspection program provides a means to focus management attention, gather data, and evaluate the status of specific programs and conditions in the field?
    Special Interest Item.
  • 2 . 22. (804) What does the line item “Fox-trot” mean associated with nuclear, biological, and chemical reports?
    Location of attack
  • 3 . 56. (216) Which unified combatant command is responsible for the Southwest Asia area of responsibility?
    United States Central Command
  • 4 . 98. (437) What role does an evaluator have to help his or her unit?
    Expose big problems and give credit where credit it due
  • 5 . 49. (214) Who serves as the Air Force liaison between civil and military authorities during declared national security emergencies and critical events?
    Emergency preparedness liaison officer.
  • 6 . 37. (410) If a CEMP 10–2 is not developed for a deployed location at first, what may a commander use in lieu of one until it is developed?
    Expeditionary support plan (ESP)
  • 7 . 30. (011) What scope and frequency limits determine items put into the Recurring Work Program (RWP)?
    More than $500 in value, and at least yearly maintenance required.
  • 8 . 42. (411) Where can you find more definitive guidance on developing the CE contingency response plan (CRP)?
    AFI 10–211 and AFPAM 10–219, Volume 1.
  • 9 . If you use non-rechargeable alkaline (AA 1.5 volt) batteries in the defense advanced GPS receiver (DAGR), what is the unit’s anticipated operating life?
    11.5 hours
  • 10 . Which principal piece of legislation governs how the federal government will respond to disasters with the US?
    Stafford Act.