2A651C Practice Test

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  • 1 . What two components operate together to provide the thrust management system for the F117?
    Electronic engine control and fuel control unit
  • 2 . What drives the creation of a centralized rotatable pool (CRP)?
    Customer wait time and transportation constraints
  • 3 . How far does a propeller’s axis of rotation extend?
    10 feet to the front and 5 feet from the rear
  • 4 . The compressor bleed system reduces the probability of a compressor stall in a dual-rotor engine by
    reducing the amount of air available to the high-pressure compressor
  • 5 . The inner and outer surfaces of an annular-type combustion chamber are formed by
    interlocking stainless-steel bands
  • 6 . From what perspective does the Global Logistics Support Center (GLSC) manage supply?
    Weapons system
  • 7 . Which jet engine component meters fuel for combustion?
    Fuel control
  • 8 . When approaching or leaving a helicopter with the blades rotating, all personnel need to remain in full view of the
  • 9 . Which inspection is a flight preparedness check?
  • 10 . When should new equipment account custodians receive training?
    Before signing for the account