2A651C Practice Test

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  • 1 . The noise suppressor on a portable test cell is not equipped with
    a fuel trailer
  • 2 . To which flight is the engine management section assigned?
    Maintenance Operations
  • 3 . The excess airflow that is not burned in the combustion section of the jet engine is used to
    cool the burner surfaces
  • 4 . The purpose of the Lead the Fleet/Pacer programs is to
    determine distress modes of an engine and its subsystems in the field
  • 5 . What can an improperly rigged throttle linkage cause during an engine test cell run?
    Engine overspeed
  • 6 . On the TF34 jet engine, which strut is used to port seventh stage compressor air into the Csump area to pressurize the number six carbon seal?
    12 o’clock
  • 7 . Preservation of a component being shipped is required when it is being returned to depot or stored for more than how many days?
  • 8 . Selected equipment items, when returned to depot because of their design characteristics function or application, are predetermined to require
  • 9 . Which section of a jet engine continually supplies air and maintains pressure?
  • 10 . The “fir tree” method of attaching turbine blades (buckets) to the turbine rotor disc is preferred because
    of the temperature differential between the turbine rotor disc and the blades