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  • 1 . What controls the turbine discharge temperature during a loaded condition on a gas turbine compressor power unit 165 engine?
    Pneumatic thermostat
  • 2 . How often are service inspections conducted on an engine test cell?
  • 3 . What directs the gases onto the first-stage turbine wheel blades in a jet engine?
    Turbine stator
  • 4 . What could be a cause of a compressor stall when there is a reduction or restriction of air at the air inlet?
    Icing of the aircraft or the engine inlet
  • 5 . For how many categories of reporting does the Comprehensive Engine Management System (CEMS) establish and maintain records?
  • 6 . What effect does moisture content or humidity have on density of air in a jet engine?
    More moisture, less dense
  • 7 . What switch is pushed during an operational check of the fire warning system?
  • 8 . In what condition should an engine arrive at the engine test cell?
    Operable with all known discrepancies corrected
  • 9 . You adjust the maintenance platform between 7 and 12 feet? Which platform are you using?
  • 10 . Before inspecting new jet engine bearings, you should
    remove the preservative coating