2A651C Practice Test

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  • 1 . In the reaction type turbine, what in the design causes the rotor to turn?
    The reduction in pressure and the increase in velocity of the exhaust gases occur in the passage between the rotor blades
  • 2 . In the fixed test cell, where does the engine intake air come from?
  • 3 . When two or more turbine wheels are used in a jet engine, which component is placed directly in front of each turbine wheel?
    Turbine stator (nozzle diaphragm)
  • 4 . In what format do technical orders present aircraft power plant and engine intermediate maintenance troubleshooting procedures?
    Troubleshooting charts
  • 5 . One type of aerodynamic blockage thrust reverser uses
    vanes inside the duct to create swirling gases
  • 6 . What forms most of the test bay portion sidewalls of a hush house?
    Air inlet modules
  • 7 . Which technical order (TO) covers all information concerning the Air Force TO system?
  • 8 . You should wear eye protection when you work
    with tools that may cause flying particles
  • 9 . What item is used with the applicable technical order to inspect a test facility?
    Periodic inspection checklists
  • 10 . The filter selector switch on the vibration analyzer
    allows selection of the necessary filter to remove the natural vibration frequencies of a specific engine