2W051A Practice Test

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  • 1 . The choice for transporting munitions by an ocean-going vessel is the
    20-foot ISO container
  • 2 . The consuming organization or activity provides the munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) with expenditure documents within how many duty days after the expenditure has taken place?
  • 3 . What are shipments of property from the controlling accountable account to the defense reutilization and marketing office called?
  • 4 . What documents missile requirements and applicable theater allocations?
    Tactical air missile program (TAMP)
  • 5 . A munitions item or component with its explosives material completely removed is considered
  • 6 . When developing a munitions employment plan, what action is the most efficient way to gather information?
    Conduct a site survey
  • 7 . Posting or changing the fire symbol is the responsibility of the
    person-in-charge of the operation
  • 8 . Who must select and appoint munitions inspectors?
    Munitions supervision personnel
  • 9 . The lite box should be stored on the
    top and to the front of the stack
  • 10 . The purpose of fire and chemical symbols is to
    inform emergency response forces of any hazards present