2W051A Practice Test

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  • 1 . Controlled inventory item codes are used to
    identify the degree of security while the munitions item is in storage or transit
  • 2 . Who provides all Air Force personnel a safe and healthy work environment in which recognized hazards have been eliminated or controlled?
  • 3 . What is the expected explosive result from two different explosives that are compatible?
    They are expected to produce the same reaction if initiated
  • 4 . If a lock will not open, what type of lubricant do you use after verifying that the keyway is clear?
    Molybdenum disulfide
  • 5 . What must you do to the old munitions identification before you certify a container as empty?
    Obliterate the old munitions identification markings
  • 6 . Which unserviceable item tag is used on munitions that are not economical to repair?
    DD Form 1577
  • 7 . What level of radiation is the annual maximum permissible amount for occupationally exposed workers?
    5 rems
  • 8 . Who must enforce the strict use of technical orders and pertinent publications during all explosive operations?
    Munitions flight section chiefs
  • 9 . What inspection ensures that an item is suitable for its intended use before it is signed over to a user?
    Pre-issue (PII)
  • 10 . What type of lot number is assigned to a combination of 5.56 mm ball and tracer packed together for field use?