2W051A Practice Test

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  • 1 . When funding does not permit the munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) or designated representative to be present, who requests and performs the inventory?
    MASO requests the commander of the off-base custody account to appoint disinterested individuals
  • 2 . An electrical storm is considered “in the near vicinity” when it is within approximately how many miles of the munitions storage area?
  • 3 . What United Nations (UN) specification is designed to keep hazardous materials inside containers and away from people and the environment?
    Performance oriented packaging
  • 4 . What term is used to conspicuously mark previously opened hermetically sealed containers?
  • 5 . The Air Force instruction (AFI) that governs the intrinsic radiation safety program is
    AFI 91-108
  • 6 . Which section within the munitions flight plans, schedules, controls, and directs all munitions activities?
  • 7 . Conditions, procedures, and practices directly related to the work environment that create a potential for producing occupational injuries or illnesses to exposed personnel within the workplace are defined as
  • 8 . Which category of human factors leading to accidents includes attitude and distraction?
  • 9 . Who must ensure requirements for permanent covered bomb build areas, vehicle/aerospace ground equipment storage shelters, and covered munitions trailer holding areas are developed and constructed?
    Munitions flight officers/chiefs
  • 10 . The purpose of fire and chemical symbols is to
    inform emergency response forces of any hazards present