2W051A Practice Test

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  • 1 . How many entry control points should be set up for each restricted area?
  • 2 . What method is preferred when protecting vehicles, equipment, and munitions stores from chemical contamination?
    Indoor storage
  • 3 . Which of these is used to report problems and defects on military weapon systems which are caused by the manufacturer?
    Product Quality Deficiency Report
  • 4 . What weapon storage and security system (WS3) group provides communications and processing capabilities for monitoring the status of up to 80 vault subsystems?
  • 5 . Who determines how the actual inventory counting is conducted?
    Munitions accountable systems officer (MASO)
  • 6 . The choice for transporting munitions by an ocean-going vessel is the
    20-foot ISO container
  • 7 . Who normally presides over the weekly scheduling meeting?
    Munitions flight chief
  • 8 . Which explosive class/division includes items that burn vigorously and fires that are difficult to put out?
  • 9 . The agency initiating a change to the weekly flying schedule routes the AF IMT 2407 through whom?
    Affected production superintendent
  • 10 . When funding does not permit the munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) or designated representative to be present, who requests and performs the inventory?
    MASO requests the commander of the off-base custody account to appoint disinterested individuals