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  • 1 . 20. (603) E–6010 and E–6011 are which kind of electrodes?
  • 2 . Dampers are used in duct systems to
    vary the volume of airflow
  • 3 . 65. (612) If the molten pool becomes cloudy or the tungsten electrode turns blue when cooling, this indicates
    a leak in the hose or hose connection
  • 4 . 93. (618) What metal transfer method is best for welding thick aluminum in the flat position?
    Spray arc
  • 5 . 46. (410) Which joint is formed when one plate edge is welded perpendicular to the surface of another?
  • 6 . 92. (618) When you do metallic inert gas welding, which bead welding technique gives the best penetration?
  • 7 . 40. (209) Foil-backed insulation used on ducts must cover the entire duct surface to
    prevent condensation.
  • 8 . Which technique allows you to achieve an air distribution system with smooth airflow?
    Make rectangular ducts as nearly square as possible.
  • 9 . You can determine the heel radius for a round elbow by
    adding the throat radius to the elbow diameter
  • 10 . 10. (202) After you adjust a butterfly damper, you lock the handle and damper blade in place with a