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  • 1 . 72. (614) Confining the arc to as small an area as possible and still allowing proper fusion when welding austenitic stainless steel
    decreases carbide precipitation.
  • 2 . 92. (618) When you do metallic inert gas welding, which bead welding technique gives the best penetration?
  • 3 . 13. (602) To clean dust out of an arc welding machine, use
    dry compressed air.
  • 4 . 62. (611) What characteristic of helium makes it undesirable for welding thin material?
    High heat per ampere
  • 5 . In which welding process does the heat-affected area produce a greater concentrated hardness?
    Shielded Metal Arc.
  • 6 . 15. (203) What is the normal dovetail seam allowance on a sheet metal duct?
    ½ inch
  • 7 . 25. (007) If needed, you can use the box and pan brake to do most of the same type of work that can be done on a
    standard cornice brake
  • 8 . 15. (004) How many true length charts are required to lay out a square-to-square twisted pattern?
  • 9 . Which layout method is used to develop patterns for rectangular, round, and square duct?
    Parallel line
  • 10 . 21. (603) An electrode that produces a gaseous shielding for the molten metal is identified as a
    cellulose-coated electrode.