3E251O Practice Test

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  • 1 . 14. (204) On the skid-steer front-end loader, what will happen if you remove your hands or feet from the travel controls?
    The equipment will stop moving.
  • 2 . 75. (024) Wire rope is classified by all of the following except
    its diameter.
  • 3 . 107. (227) How do you activate the impactor on a excavator?
    Depress the attachment-control pedal.
  • 4 . 17. (205) When operating a forklift, what do you do after you have the forks under the pallet?
    Accelerate slightly and pull back on the lift-control lever.
  • 5 . 91. (425) Which method is considered the quickest, but has limited success in repairing spalls?
    Cold-mix asphalt.
  • 6 . 73. (420) Which equipment do we use to clear an area where AM–2 mats are to be assembled?
  • 7 . 18. (405) Which fuel bladder berm is the least desirable?
    Above ground level.
  • 8 . 98. (428) What are the primary materials we use for the expedient marking of the minimum operating strip (MOS)?
    White paint with reflective beads.
  • 9 . 26. (407) How many sections of the temper tent does a fly section cover?
  • 10 . 75. (222) To make a side-hill cut with a dozer, how do you start the cut?
    Straight down the hill.