3E251O Practice Test

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  • 1 . 98. (428) What are the primary materials we use for the expedient marking of the minimum operating strip (MOS)?
    White paint with reflective beads.
  • 2 . 13. (204) Where should you look to determine the type of fluid (engine oil, fuel, etc.) required on a front-end loader?
    Technical order (TO) or owner manual.
  • 3 . 64. (218) On the crawler type dozer, why do you allow the engine to idle three to five minutes before shut down?
    Prevent damage to the turbo charger.
  • 4 . 28. (208) When spreading material with scrapers, why should you route the scrapers so their tracks overlap?
    To promote compaction.
  • 5 . 29. (208) When spreading materials with a scraper, why should you make the fill high on the outside edges?
    To prevent the scraper from sliding over the edge.
  • 6 . 18. (405) Which fuel bladder berm is the least desirable?
    Above ground level.
  • 7 . 66. (219) What do you do if you are ripping material and your dozer continually lags or stalls?
    Reduce the number of teeth.
  • 8 . 74. (420) Who determines how much fill material is needed at the rapid runway repair (RRR) crater sites?
    Crater NCOIC.
  • 9 . 19. (206) What is the efficient operating range of a scraper?
    300 feet.
  • 10 . 33. (209) What can you do to eliminate bouncing when traveling with a scraper unit?
    Carry the scraper bowl low to the ground.