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  • 1 . 14. (403) When treating a soil-cement road area with cement for final finishing, you divide the areas into sections. The purpose of this is to
    make it possible to complete an area in one working day.
  • 2 . 112. (228) When doing an excavation, where do you lose most of your digging time?
    Repositioning the machine.
  • 3 . 66. (021) Which chemicals are highly corrosive to metals and should never be used near aircraft movement areas?
    Sodium chloride and calcium chloride.
  • 4 . 23. (007) Where does the bitumeter gage on the asphalt distributor receive its power?
    Small 10-inch wheel lowered from behind the running board.
  • 5 . 66. (219) What do you do if you are ripping material and your dozer continually lags or stalls?
    Reduce the number of teeth.
  • 6 . 26. (008) The ballast plates inside the tank of a water truck are designed to
    prevent excessive water movement.
  • 7 . 90. (223) What is the correct adjustment (distance) between the bottom of the straightedge to the top of the plate on a dozer track when checking tension?
    One to one and one-half inches.
  • 8 . 72. (023) If you inspect a chain and find several links are badly worn and stretched, you should
    discard the chain.
  • 9 . 95. (033) When winding wire rope onto the hydraulic crane hoist drum, which hammer should not be used to tap the rope?
  • 10 . 30. (009) What is the best way to perform an airfield sweeping and inspection operation?
    Drive slow and move back and forth across the area.