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  • 1 . 13. (403) If at all possible, the construction of a soil-cement road should be restricted during
    freezing weather.
  • 2 . 61. (416) To repair a leak around the needle valves, tighten the
    packing gland nut.
  • 3 . 70. (419) When are you allowed to disperse rapid runway repair (RRR) equipment to designated staging areas situated near the runway?
    After you receive an “all clear”.
  • 4 . 99. (428) During expedient operations, what can you use to paint areas that are not accessible with the paint machine?
    A paint wand.
  • 5 . 67. (418) You are surveying pavement damage from an attack with conventional weapons. You find the attack has penetrated and disturbed the runway subgrade for an area of up to 20 feet in diameter. You would classify this damage as a
    small crater.
  • 6 . 67. (220) When pushing material with a dozer, what decreases the response time when using the blade-lift control?
    Added weight of material on the dozer blade.
  • 7 . 86. (222) Before using a winch on a dozer that is in a stationary position, you must
    line up the dozer with the pull.
  • 8 . 23. (207) Generally, push-loaded scrapers should be loaded within a maximum stance of how many feet?
  • 9 . 91. (032) What is the major cause of accidents involving hydraulic cranes?
    Improper crane operation.
  • 10 . 47. (015) All snow and ice control equipment must be mechanically sound and operational by the first of which month?